Manage Sequential Ring for Business VoiceEdge

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Sequential ring allows you to route calls to certain phones in a defined order so that you do not miss an important call.

Access and edit settings

  1. Sign in to My Account and select Business VoiceEdge User from the Services menu.

  2. Expand the Advanced Settings section and select Sequential Ring.

  3. Select the Pencil icon to change settings in the Ring pattern section. Make updates and select the Checkmark to confirm changes.

  4. In the Sequential Ring list section, select the Pencil icon next to each position to edit details. Select the Checkmark to confirm changes.

Add and manage rules

Note: Time or holiday schedules must be set in advance of creating a rule. Please refer to Manage time and holiday schedules for Business VoiceEdge.

  1. Select Add new rule.

  2. Enter rule details and call types selection. Select Save.

  3. To edit an existing rule, select the Expand icon and then Manage rule.


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