Receptionist Console overview for Business VoiceEdge

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The Receptionist Console is a web-based attendant console that manages and screens inbound calls for your business. The interface is designed to follow the natural workflow of a call from the top to bottom of the screen. The Receptionist Console supports line status monitoring, directory search, and advanced call management features.

Access the Receptionst Client Console online.


Add the Receptionist Console to your account

Call Customer Care at 1-877-761-7401 to add the Receptionist Console to your account and enable your login.


What's new?

Please reference the Quick Reference Guide for Receptionist Console for more information on new features.

  • New web-friendly design

  • Accessible via a web browser

    • The new version of the Receptionist Console eliminates the biggest pain points of the desktop version by no longer using Java

  • Now available for Mac

  • New contact management options:

    • The Monitored tab from the desktop version is renamed the Favorites tab

    • A new Monitored tab show users selected from the Enterprise tab

    • On the Enterprise tab, click a user to view their status


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