Receptionist Console features for Business VoiceEdge

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Use the Receptionist Console to manage inbound calls for enterprises. Each user must enable Busy Lamp Field in My Account for their status to appear in the Receptionist Console.

Refer to the Quick Reference Guide for Receptionist Console for more information on the Receptionist Console interface and managing calls.

Contacts pane
Call management feature highlight
Helpful tips
Manage monitored users in My Account

Contacts pane

Select tabs in the contacts pane to see different contact lists. Line status monitoring of users is available on every tab. Select a user to expand their contact information and methods.

Status Indicators

On a Call
Do Not Disturb

Favorites tab

View designated users. These users can be configured in My Account.

Enterprise tab

View all users, Hunt Groups, Automates Attendants, etc. in your enterprise or site.

Personal tab

View personal contacts. Manage your personal directory in My Account.

Speed Dial tab

View phone numbers configured for speed dialing.

Monitored tab

View users selected within the Enterprise tab.

Call management feature highlight

For details on every call management feature, please refer to the Quick Reference Guide for Receptionist Console.

Barge-in Barge-in on an active call to create a three-way conference.
Call History Access and place calls from call history log.
Call Transfer Calls can be blind transferred while active, held, or ringing. A blind transfer sends the call to the party you are transferring to along with the caller ID of the caller. A warm or consultative transfer allows you to speak to the person you are transferring the call to before connecting the call. When you transfer using consultative transfer, the caller ID of the calling party will not show up on the recipient’s phone, instead they will see your caller ID.
Call Notification Enable this feature to allow a notification window to appear on top of the system tray when receiving a call.
Camp on Camp external calls trying to reach a busy extension. The call is transferred when the destination becomes available.
Conference Management Start, hold, resume and end a conference. Also hold or resume a participant in a conference.
Directed Call Pickup Answer a call on behalf of another person.
Open URL Open a URL page to get more information about the current call.
Save vCard Save the caller’s phone number and personal information as a vCard in Outlook.
Transfer to Voicemail Calls can be transferred while active, held, or ringing. Send a call directly to a contact’s voicemail.

Helpful tips

Manage monitored users in My Account

  1. Sign in to My Account and select Business VoiceEdge from the Services menu.

  2. Expand the Advanced Settings section and select Receptionist Console.

  3. Select Add user(s).

  4. Select the user to add and select Add user(s) to confirm.


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