Register and Deregister the Panasonic KX-406 repeater unit for Business VoiceEdge

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Learn how to register and deregister the Panasonic KX-406 repeater unit.

Installation tips

  • Confirm the base unit is connected to the network

  • Ensure that the power cable is securely connected to both the base unit and the outlet.

  • Verify that the device is receiving power by checking the status light on the front of the device.

Register the repeater unit to the base unit

1. Power on the repeater unit by connecting it to the AC adaptor.

2. Press and hold the Locator button on the base unit for three seconds until the LED status on the base unit flashes red. The status and RSSI/ID LEDs turn amber for two seconds.

3. When the repeater detects a nearby base unit, the status LED on the repeater and the base unit will turn green and registration is complete.

Deregister the repeater unit from the base unit

1. Disconnect the power from the repeater.

2. Press and hold the Program button in the back of the device.

3. Connect the power to the repeater again.

4. Continue holding the Program button for approximately 10 seconds and the status indicator will flash red.

5. The deregistration process is complete.

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