Update your Business VoiceEdge voicemail and Voice Portal PINs

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Learn how to reset your voicemail PIN and edit your Voice Portal PIN for your Business VoiceEdge account. What is the difference between a voicemail and a Voice Portal PIN? A voicemail PIN allows individual users to access voicemail messages and settings from a handset. The Voice Portal allows Admins to access Automated Attendant settings


Reset Voicemail PIN

  1. Sign in to My Account and select Business VoiceEdge User from the Services menu. 

  2. Select Reset voicemail PIN from your Dashboard. 

  3. Enter a 4-8 digit number under Create your new voicemail PIN and Re-enter your new voicemail PIN. Select Save to apply the changes.


Edit Voice Portal PIN

  1. Sign in to My Account and select Business VoiceEdge Manager from the Services menu.

  2. Expand the Advanced Settings section and select Voicemail.

  3. Select the Pencil icon in the Voice Portal PIN section.

  4. Create and confirm your new Voice Portal PIN. Select the Checkmark to confirm.


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