Troubleshoot the Panasonic TPA60 cordless handset for Business VoiceEdge

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This article outlines the known issues and error messages that you may encounter while using the Panasonic TPA60 cordless handset.

Basic troubleshooting tips

1. Make sure that the device is plugged into a working outlet, receiving power and ready for use.

Ensure that the power cable is securely connected to the handset charging dock and the outlet.

Verify that the battery in the cordless handset is seated properly.

Make sure that the contacts on both the handset and charger are free of dust and debris.

2. Know the coverage area provided by the base unit and extender devices.

Coverage area provided by each base unit / extender for synchronization with additional extender devices' maximum distance: 98 feet to 131 feet.

Coverage area provided by each base unit / extender for synchronization with a cordless handset or desk phone's maximum distance: 131 feet to 164 feet.

Troubleshooting the Cordless Handset


Probable Cause

The cordless handset does not work.

The battery is drained.

The power is off.

Try This:

  • Recharge the battery
  • Confirm the cordless handset is powered on.
  • Re-insert the battery, and set the handset on the charger.

The cordless handset does not ring, but is able to make calls.

Ringer volume is set to Off.

Note: If the ringer volume is set to Off, the Ringer Off icon is displayed.

Silent Mode is on.

Note: If Silent Mode is on, the Silent Mode icon is displayed.

Try This:

  • Adjust the ringer volume level
  • Turn off Silent Mode
  • Login to your Comcast Business My Account and confirm the following feature settings are disabled.
    • Do Not Disturb
    • Call Forwarding No Answer with time duration '0'
    • Anonymous Call Rejection
    • Remote Office
  • The phone number you have dialed may be restricted from your phone system. Check with your Service Manager for restricted numbers.

I cannot hear a dial tone.

Likely, your service is not connected to the network, the network is down or the devices are not properly registered.

Try This:

  • Confirm you have Internet connectivity.

It is difficult to have a conversation when in Hands-free mode.

The microphone is facing the wrong direction or is obstructed.

Try This:

  • Confirm that you are holding the handset properly, and the microphone is not covered or obstructed in any way.

You cannot dial.

Key lock mode is on.

Try This:

  • To cancel the key lock mode, press and hold Lock Mode for 2 seconds.

You cannot use the cordless handset during a power failure.

The handset will not function during a power failure because it cannot connect to the base unit.

Try This:

  • Try again when the power is restored.

Your phones will not make or receive calls **You hear a busy tone when attempting to place a call.

The phone is out of range.

The base unit it busy.

Try This:

  • Move closer to the base unit, and continue your call.

Try again when the line is not in use. You cannot make a call while the base unit is in busy mode.

Two short beeps are heard during a conversation.

The signal between the handset and the base unit is weak.

Try This:

  • Move closer to the base unit.

The charge indicator flashes red rapidly.

The charger is not connected properly. 

Try This:

  • Make sure the battery is inserted properly.
  • Set the handset in the charger properly.

You charged the batteries for 6 hours, but the beep tones sound, and the battery icon is displayed.

The battery charge contacts may be dirty. It is time to replace the battery.

Try This:

  • Gently clean the battery charge contacts and charge once more.

'No Service' is displayed, and beep tones are heard.

The cordless handset is out of range and cannot connect to the base unit.

The base unit is not connected to the network.

Try This:

  • Move closer to the base unit or try again later.

While charging the battery, the LED indicator blinks rapidly, but the handset does not beep.

The temperature of the battery being charged is outside of normal limits.

Try This:

  • Confirm that the area where the handset is being charged is between 41 degrees F and 104 degrees F, and wait for the battery's temperature to drop.

While charging the battery, the LED indicator blinks rapidly and the handset beeps rapidly.

The battery is not charging correctly due to an electrical failure.

A wrong type of battery such as Alkaline or Manganese was inserted.

Try This:

  • Unplug the power cord for the handset charger, remove the battery from the handset and replace with the correct batteries.

The 'Delete All' operation to delete all phonebook entries is not functioning.

The battery is drained, which prevents the operation from being completed.

Try This:

  • Charge the handset
  • Replace the batteries

The time is not correct.

The phone is not receiving the correct time from the server.

Try This:

  • Contact your Service Manager for additional support
  • Replace the batteries


Error Messages related to the Cordless Handset

Error Message

Probable Cause

Register Unit

The cordless handset has not been registered.

The power is off.

No Service

The handset is out of range.

The handset fails to register to base even within range.

The base unit is turned off.

Try This:

  • Make sure that you have an Internet connection.
  • Move closer to the base unit.
  • Make sure the base unit is powered on.


The called party on an intercom call is rejecting your calls.

Try This:

  • Wait a moment and try again.

Charge Battery

The handset battery is in a low-power state.

Try This:

  • Charge the battery.

No Entries

No items have been stored.

No logs have been stored in the Incoming or Outgoing call log

Memory full

The Phonebook is full and cannot store the new items.

Try This:

  • Remove unnecessary entries in the Phonebook and try again.


Network has been disconnected.

Try This:

  • Call Customer Care


Overlapping IP addresses.

Try This:

  • Call Customer Care


Your phones are not registering to the server.

Try This:

  • Call Customer Care

Need Repair

Hardware failure.

Try This:

  • Call Customer Care

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