Configure SSID Scheduling for your Business WiFi Pro network

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Business WiFi Pro allows you to enable and disable your Private WiFi and Guest WiFi networks (sometimes called SSIDs) according to a time schedule. For example, you can schedule your network to broadcast within the operating hours of your business and not broadcast when your business is closed.

Note: Any feature or configuration change will cause the WiFi Pro Access Point(s) to reboot. Both Private and Guest networks will go offline for 3 to 6 minutes as the change is applied.

Configure SSID Scheduling

Navigate to the WiFi Pro Portal. Once signed in to your account, you will see your existing networks. You can configure scheduling for both Private WiFi and Guest WiFi networks separately.

  1. Locate the network you want to configure and select Edit.

  2. On the Advanced tab, select Edit next to WiFi Network Scheduling.

  3. The default setting is for each network to have a validity period of Now to Forever, making the network available 24/7. If you want a custom schedule for a specific period of dates, select Set Dates from the drop down and enter the dates of the validity period.

  4. Select Custom Time Slot to set a broadcast schedule by day of the week and hour. If you do not want to customize in such detail, select Set Schedule and continue to Step 5.

  5. Each box on the schedule correlates to a 30 minute block of time for that specific day off the week. Select all the boxes that represent the times you want the network available. The blue boxes indicate the time(s) the SSID will broadcast.

    • The Private WiFi network in this example is available from 8am until 10am all days, except for Tuesdays and Saturdays, when it would not be available at all.

    • Select Set Schedule once the correct hours have been configured.

  6. Select Save.


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