Configure content filtering for your Business WiFi Pro network

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Business WiFi Pro allows you to regulate the content accessible over your Private WiFi and Guest WiFi networks, in accordance with the policies of your business. You can customize content filtering settings per SSID, implementing blocking combinations for three categories: Security, Pornography and Other. The Other category covers data-intense transactions like file transfers.

Note: Please be advised, any feature or configuration change will cause the WiFi Pro Access Point(s) to reboot. Both Private and Guest networks will go offline for 3 to 6 minutes as the change is applied.

Manage content filtering

Navigate to the WiFi Pro Portal. Once signed in to your account, you will see your existing networks.

  1. Locate the network you want to configure and select Edit.

  2. Select the Advanced tab.

  3. Set Content Filtering to On. Dropdowns for filtering policies, along with Primary and Secondary DNS, will be presented for configuration. The default policy is Security + Pornography + Other.

  4. Select an option from the Select Policy dropdown:

    • Security

    • Security + Pornography

    • Security + Pornography + Other

    • Custom (this will allow you to enter your own DNS servers for filtering)

    Select Save when you are finished.



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