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Why Comcast Business?

We help power home-based businesses with Internet speeds up to 1 Gig, add-on services, and 24/7 customer support. That’s Internet you can rely on and solutions to help take your business further.

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Separate Internet helps keep you up and running

Fast, reliable Internet is the foundation of any business. A separate connection helps prevent added bandwidth consumption caused by household usage. 

  • No data caps
  • Dynamic and static IP addresses available
  • Convenient, 2-hour appointment windows for professional installation 
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Keep your business phone for business

When working from a home office, it’s crucial to know if a prospect or customer calls. Having a separate line helps make it easier to know when someone is trying to contact your business.

  • Cloud-based Phone service to help keep you connected at your desk and on the go
  • Unlimited nationwide calling plus popular calling features

Internet add-on services to help keep your business connected and protected

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4G LTE Backup – Connection Pro

If the power or Internet goes out, help stay connected with 4G LTE backup.

  • Up to 8 hours of battery life
  • Commercial-grade solution
  • Cellular router for auto-failover
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Cybersecurity solution – Comcast Business SecurityEdge™

Help protect devices connect to your network from cybersecurity threats like malware, ransomware, phishing, and botnet infections. 

  • Helps safeguard connected devices
  • Prevents access to inappropriate content and malicious websites
  • Scans for new threats every 10 minutes
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Network access without compromising sensitive data – Static IP Addresses

Static IP configurations are a simple, cost-effective solution for businesses who need to allow some degree of network access to outside customers and partners, while keeping sensitive data separated and private, accessible only to those within the organization. Static IP prefixes can be ordered in blocks of 1,5, and (in select areas) 13. 
Restrictions apply.  Not available in all areas.  Services and features vary depending on level of service.  Connection Pro and Comcast Business SecurityEdge™ require Comcast Business Internet for additional monthly charge.  Actual speeds vary and are not guaranteed.  Connection Pro:  Backup time varies and is not guaranteed.  Comcast Business SecurityEdge:  Does not prevent access to Internet sites if connected via public WiFI, virtual private network technology or non-Comcast DNS servers.

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