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Comcast Business SecurityEdge

  • Simple, yellow icon depicting a check mark. Helps safeguard connected devices
  • Simple, yellow icon depicting a check mark. Provides additional cybersecurity protection
  • Simple, yellow icon depicting a check mark. Automatically scans for new threats every 10 minutes

Help protect your business across all connected devices

Be fast. Be secure. Be ready for what’s next with a cybersecurity solution that regularly scans for new threats.  That's Comcast Business SecurityEdge — your defense against malicious threats like malware, ransomware, phishing, and botnet infections.

Powerful yet simple, our cybersecurity solution helps protect against security breaches by blocking employees and guests from accessing compromised websites and infected links. It helps protect smartphones, cameras, wireless printers, and other devices connected to your Comcast Business Internet on the nation’s largest Gig-speed network.

Up-to-date protection

Help safeguard devices with cloud-based security. Comcast Business SecurityEdge sweeps the Internet every 10 minutes to identify new and emerging cyberattacks.
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Easy deployment

Enjoy simple set-up: Our solution is built into Comcast Business hardware. No separate installation or additional equipment needed.
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Anytime visibility

View a personalized dashboard showing threats to the network in real time, accessed through My Account.

Included with Comcast Business SecurityEdge

Seamless coverage

Devices connected to your network via Comcast Business Internet are covered. No extra software or multiple licenses are needed.

Additional protection

Our solution can enhance your current security effort. It safeguards devices from threats that other solutions, like anti-virus and firewalls, might not cover.

Responsive support

Dedicated customer service is at the ready 24/7.

Safer access

Content filtering allowing businesses to restrict sites deemed inappropriate for their business.

Affordable investment

Low monthly cost to help protect your business. No additional hardware or software fees.

Secure connection and devices

A cloud-based offering that works seamlessly with Comcast Business Internet, it helps secure your connection and connected devices.

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Restrictions apply.  Not available in all areas.  Comcast Business SecurityEdge requires Comcast Business Internet for additional monthly charge. Certain features such as customized web filtering will not be available if connected via Comcast Business Connection Pro. Comcast Business SecurityEdge does not prevent access to Internet sites if connected via public WiFi, virtual private network technology or non-Comcast DNS servers.