Product Overview

    A SIP Phone virtually connects to an Internet Protocol Private Branch Exchange (IP PBX). Comcast Business SIP Trunking is a next generation voice solution that provides a dedicated connection from your IP PBX to the Comcast Network. SIP Phones offer a flexible and intelligent way to maximize voice services on your existing IP PBX by taking advantage of the latest VoIP technologies and benefits, including business continuity features to help ensure you never miss a call even if disaster strikes.

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    Phone SIP-Phone


    • Phone not reachable Call Forward Not Reachable
    • Caller ID name Caller ID Name (CNAM)
    • Direct inward dial Direct Inward Dial (DID)
    • Direct outward dial Direct Outward Dial
    • Bandwidth Failover/Overflow
    • Destination unreachable Destination Unreachable
    • Remote call fowarding Multi Site Load Balancing
    • Network On Demand Bursting
    • Call detail records Call Detail Records (CDR)

    * Nation's Largest VoIP provider claim according to VoIP and UC Services and Subscribers: Biannual Worldwide and Regional Market Share, Size and Forecasts, 1st Edition, Infonetics Research Inc, 2012

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