Comcast Business Ethernet Supports Educational Excellence at Chase Collegiate

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  • A non-denominational, co-ed private day school offering education for children from pre-kindergarten through grade 12
  • 47-acre campus in Waterbury, Connecticut
  • 458 students: 155 Lower School, 104 Middle School, and 199 Upper School; 72 faculty and administration
  • Uphold a long-standing commitment to educational excellence with leading-edge technology
  • Employ high-volume bandwidth to “develop graduates who write well, speak with clarity and confidence, think critically and analytically, and possess intellectual curiosity”
  • Use a variety of technology-supported teaching methods to “stretch students to reach their intellectual, ethical, creative, social, and athletic potential”
  • Comcast Business Ethernet Network Service
  • Support for a variety of learning methods and technologies
  • Managed costs
  • A successful new educational model that meets traditional goals
Bandwidth is a Key to Continued Success at Chase Collegiate School
Chase Collegiate School’s tradition of educational excellence dates from 1865. Today the Waterbury, Connecticut school faces a dual challenge: staying abreast of transformative technologies and new teaching models for its 458 pre-K-12 students; and making the best use of its financial assets.

Comcast Business Ethernet Service offers Chase Collegiate both, with scalable large bandwidth to support Chase Collegiate’s goals, and a price that helps the school focus its dollars where they belong.

Scott Temple, Director of Technology, says, “Students bring a large number of mobile devices to campus – BYOT, ‘Bring Your Own Technology.’ That’s how learning is done today. We need reliable, scalable bandwidth in large volume to support them. Our former provider was a reseller, so we had questions about reliability. And the price wasn’t right. We called one of our alumni for advice, and luckily for us, he’s with Comcast.”

Comcast Business Ethernet Service Gives Chase Collegiate Reliable Bandwidth
Chase Collegiate’s 47-acre campus includes diverse facilities for arts, classrooms, athletics and a library, but bringing the world to the students is the goal today. That, says Scott Temple, is why scalable bandwidth is so important. “We moved to Comcast for bandwidth services,” he says. “We’re using a variety of new learning technologies – streaming video to classrooms, digital blackboards, online teacher support, video conferencing, and Web 2.0 applications.” Scalable bandwidth underlies Chase Collegiate’s ongoing support for students as these new learning technologies take their place. “We started out with 10 Mbps and jumped to 20 within a year,” 
Temple affirms. “We’re scheduled to jump to 50 Mbps when we upgrade as planned to Comcast Primary Rate Interface.”

The school is transparent in sharing information with parents via online portals on classes, homework, grading, and report cards; and much of its back-office operations have been moved to the cloud; so reliability is vital to Chase Collegiate. “Before,” Temple says, “we were served by a reseller using another provider’s line, and when an outage happened, it wasn’t certain whose responsibility it was to fix it. With Comcast, it’s easy: one provider, one call.”

The goal is simple: uphold a 150-year commitment to educational excellence with the 21st century technology that helps students learn most effectively. “We don’t teach many computer classes per se,” he explains. “We’re trying to integrate these new learning technologies into the whole curriculum.”

Chase Collegiate Builds a New Learning Foundation with Comcast Business Ethernet

Support for a variety of learning methods and technologies
New learning technologies evolve at even more rapid speed, and students are adopting them just as rapidly. “This is how they’re learning.” Temple says, “When we were designing our network, we were anticipating the day when everyone would have a device. Now everyone has two or three – laptops, phones, etc. We’re thinking of all these devices as receivers, no matter what the technology is, and that’s what we need to support.”

Managed costs for the school
Chase Collegiate’s prior vendor paid for access to the school along another company’s fiber, and Scott Temple felt correctly that there was a better way. “Since Comcast owned its lines, we thought the pricing would be better, without the middleman. The price Comcast offered was highly affordable,” he says.

A successful new educational model that meets traditional goals
Scott Temple describes the new approach Chase Collegiate is taking as “flipping the classroom.” “Instead of introducing the topic in school and then sending students home to do the homework,” he says, “our students get the introductory material online and come to class for assistance with the application. The bandwidth we have is a way to open the student experience, to erase the boundaries. The model is changing: it used to be that we built spaces to bring the kids into; now we’re getting them out into the world.”

 “The bandwidth we have is a way to open the student experience, to erase the boundaries.”

Scott Temple
Director of Technology
Chase Collegiate School

Download this article as a PDF >

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