Stockton College Keeps Students Connected with Fiber-Based Ethernet from Comcast Business



  • College campus expanding to cope with growing enrollment
  • New satellite locations established to serve commuter student base

  • Establish fast, reliable Internet connection  across campus-wide network that can easily scale
  • Manage operating expenses

  • Comcast Business Ethernet Dedicated Internet
  • Comcast Business Ethernet Private Line

  • Reliable, high-speed Internet service
  • Cost-effective, scalable connectivity
  • Flexibility to implement new use cases
Founded in 1971, Stockton College is a four-year liberal arts college located in southern New Jersey. The school is nationally recognized for its environmental studies and marine science programs, as well as its Holocaust research and education center. Today, the school serves 8,400 full- and part-time students, including 2,700 residential students at its main campus in Galloway and multiple satellite locations throughout the region.

Its main campus is nestled on 1,600 acres in the heart of the Pinelands, a heavily forested, mostly rural and undeveloped area that stretches across the southern part of the state. Though the school is easily accessible from the Garden State Parkway and Atlantic City Expressway, administrators have been actively constructing new satellite campuses throughout the region to reduce pressure on the main campus and give students an opportunity to take some classes closer to home. They are also actively adding new mixed-use facilities to supplement the planned expansion of the College’s degree offerings. For example, they recently purchased the nearby Seaview Resort to provide students in the Hospitality and Tourism Management Studies program with practical experience.

Reliable, High-Speed Internet Service Critical to Connect Students and Staff

In 1997, the College installed two T1 lines to create a 3 Megabit per second (Mbps) connection to its main campus with a satellite campus, and to the New Jersey Research and Education Network (NJEDge.Net), a non-profit technology consortium of academic and research institutions in New Jersey that provides broadband to its members. However, increasing enrollment and the need to accommodate the accompanying PCs, laptops, mobile phones and other devices that must connect to the Internet today made it necessary to increase bandwidth.

“Over the past few years, we’ve added a brand new 150,000 square foot campus center, the Stockton Seaview Hotel and Golf Club, as well as four satellite learning centers, and have also seen steady growth in our student enrollment. This means that we need to be on the cutting edge of technology to meet our faculty and students' growing technological needs, and we also must have the flexibility to quickly and efficiently connect remote locations to our main campus,” said Joseph Loefflad, Director for Networking and Telecommunications Services at Stockton College.

Comcast Delivers Highly-Scalable Ethernet-based Internet Service at an Affordable Cost

Seeking to enhance their connectivity options and improve overall performance, Stockton College reached out to Comcast Business. The College wanted to establish a direct fiber-based Ethernet Internet connection to the campus that they could quickly and cost-effectively scale to serve new students and a growing administrative staff. Together with NJEDge.Net, they agreed to move forward.

“Every time we add a new building to our network, or our residential enrollment goes up, we need to increase bandwidth. We’ve done bandwidth increases the past three summers – I just can’t put enough out there,” Loefflad added.

Comcast Business provided an Ethernet Private Line <1>(EPL) to connect the College’s main campus to its four satellite campuses and to the NJEDge.Net. It also installed a Comcast Ethernet Dedicated Internet <2> (EDI) line at the College’s main campus capable of providing 500 Mbps of bandwidth for student residents and staff.

With all of the College’s remote classrooms connected to the main campus through an Ethernet Private Line, it is now able to control electronics such as projectors and computer screens at these remote sites through the main campus – IT  can even determine whether a bulb in the projector is beyond its useful life. This allows IT to better manage resources from both a physical and operational perspective.

On the main campus, the College now has ubiquitous Internet access in dorms, classrooms and its main living areas.

Loefflad commented: “For every pillow in our residential facilities, there is an Internet connection; on the main campus, all administrative stations and computer labs are wired. Not only that, but we also have wireless access in housing, and across the campus—most of which is tied to the 500 Mbps connection. It’s been great in addressing our needs!”

The 500 Mbps Ethernet Dedicated Internet connection also facilitates real-time viewing of the College’s numerous expansion projects for up-to-the-minute insight into construction progress for interested parties via on-site cameras connected to the campus network.

The resiliency of Comcast’s high-performance network also enables the transfer of security camera footage from each of the school’s locations to the campus police department in real-time for centralized monitoring and response with maximum performance and minimal latency.  Campus Security can review and take appropriate action – either through the college, or with the police. 

“Comcast Business is even assisting us in maintaining a connected campus community—if they couldn’t provide high-speed bandwidth at a reasonable cost, we wouldn’t be able to do that,” said Loefflad

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