Brasco & Sons Memorial Chapels Stay Connected for Grieving Families and Friends with Comcast Business VoiceEdge™

Multi-Location Funeral Home Company Serves Community Using Cloud-based Voice and Unified Communications, Business Internet, and WiFi Pro

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  • Massachusetts funeral services company
  • Three locations in Waltham and Belmont

  • Outdated voice systems
  • Need to answer calls any time – day or night
  • Unreliable Internet and no separate WiFi for visitors

  • Comcast Business VoiceEdge™
  • Comcast Business Internet
  • Comcast Business WiFi Pro


  • Cloud-based voice system that employees can access on the go to provide round the clock customer service
  • Reliable Internet connection for employees
  • Separate, dedicated WiFi connection for customers
Family-owned Business Provides Personalized Funeral Planning Services

Brasco & Sons Memorial Chapels Inc. was founded in 1943 by Leo and Mildred Brasco in Waltham, Massachusetts. The funeral home has since expanded to three locations, with two additional chapels in Belmont, Massachusetts. The business is family-owned and operated and is currently run by Wayne Brasco and his sons. Brasco & Sons is a community oriented funeral home that provides planning services, grief counseling and education and floral arrangements for its customers.

“Our goal is to be a resource for anyone preparing for a funeral. Whether they are planning ahead or have experienced a sudden loss, we want to be there to answer all questions and create personalized care with dignity,” said Wayne Brasco, president and CEO, Brasco & Sons Memorial Chapels Inc.

Traditional Voice System Lacked Features, Impeding Ability to Deliver Anytime Customer Service

Brasco & Sons is a business with strong community ties. To stay connected with the families they assist, employees need to be available 24/7. The company was using an outdated phone service with limited features, no functional voicemail and no call forwarding options; employees had to be onsite to answer customer calls. This was inconvenient because there are often times when customers need assistance at odd hours and employees can’t be reached.

“Loss can happen anytime,” added Brasco. “In our line of work, we need to be available to families when they need us most – whenever that might be. But when we are working with outdated voice systems that don’t allow us to receive calls offsite, we can’t support these customers as quickly or efficiently as we would like.”

In addition to challenges with the phone system, the chapels’ existing Internet connection was not suitable to support daily business operations like emailing customers, updating the website and researching service options for clients. It reduced efficiency in the office because webpages were slow to load, making it difficult to quickly assist customers or respond to email inquiries. Brasco & Sons also wanted to add more value to its customers’ experiences by offering a WiFi connection – separate from the company’s Internet – specifically for visitors to use while at the chapels.

Comcast Business Supports Funeral Planning Process – Online and In-Person

Brasco & Sons spoke with multiple service providers but ultimately chose Comcast Business because of its reliable Internet, cloud-based voice system and excellent customer service. The funeral home upgraded its voice system to Comcast Business VoiceEdge™ and installed a 150 Megabit per second (Mbps) Comcast Business Internet connection and Comcast Business WiFi Pro at each location.

Comcast Business VoiceEdge is a cloud-based voice and unified communications system that offers HD call quality and advanced call handling features. Comcast Business VoiceEdge, unlike other phone systems, has no expensive hardware to buy or install, which made it easy for Brasco & Sons to upgrade its multiple locations. Employees noticed improvement in the quality of calls and the ease-of-use of VoiceEdge features like call forwarding. Additionally, the VoiceEdge mobile app lets employees answer customer calls or check their office voicemail on their smartphones even when they are not in the chapels, which helped improve the company’s around the clock responsiveness.

“Comcast Business VoiceEdge is easy to use and all of our employees love being able to answer business calls or check voicemail on their smartphones,” said Brasco. “It’s remarkable how much more accessible the business has become to our customers since adding Business VoiceEdge.”

In addition to upgrading its voice system, Comcast Business also installed a 150 Mbps Business Internet connection. “There’s been a noticeable improvement in our ability to respond to customer inquiries and do research for funeral services,” added Brasco. “Employees finally have a reliable connection that allows us to help our customers faster.”

Brasco & Sons also added WiFi Pro to enhance the customer experience and provide access to fast, reliable WiFi at all locations. Brasco & Sons can easily manage its WiFi connection though the Comcast Business WiFi Pro smartphone application and turn off service whenever they close for the day. It also provides added bandwidth to the funeral home’s network because it is separate from the Internet connection that they use to run daily operations.

“It took me a while to find a provider that could really meet my needs, but Comcast Business delivers service that is above and beyond what I expected,” affirmed Brasco.

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