Comcast Business Spices Up Connectivity for Basic Food Group

Restaurant Group Improves Operations with Comcast Business Internet and Business VoiceEdge™

Restaurant Management Company Running Popular Denver Eateries

Basic Food Group is a hospitality company that manages eight successful restaurants in and around Denver, Colorado: Great Northern Tavern, The Avenue Grill and six Famous Dave’s Barbeque locations. In addition to overseeing operations across the restaurants, Basic Food Group also runs a catering business out of its corporate headquarters, where customers can place large food orders for special events. Currently, Basic Food Group employs more than 560 workers across its headquarters and its eight Denver area eateries.  

Legacy Internet Connection Inhibited Efficiency and Sales 

Basic Food Group strives to ensure an exceptional customer experience across all of its restaurants, which means serving up delicious food complemented by friendly customer service and industry leading technology and amenities. The restaurant group wanted to provide seamless WiFi services for patrons, as well as improve online ordering and delivery options, but it lacked the bandwidth to do so. Each of its restaurants relied on a legacy T1 line to connect to the Internet – at 1.5 megabits per second (Mbps). Guest WiFi and online ordering and delivery were out of the question. Additionally, Basic Food Group was working with a network of different Internet providers across each of its restaurants, which meant service and issue resolution were inconsistent across locations.


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