MaassMedia Analyzes Network Options and Fuels Digital Growth with Comcast Business

Philadelphia Digital Analytics Firm Links Distributed Workforce with Comcast Business VoiceEdge

Digital Analytics Firm Helps Clients Leverage Data to Make Strategic Business Decisions

Aaron Maass founded MaassMedia, LLC, a boutique digital analytics agency, in 2008. The firm offers services such as digital analytics implementation, reporting, analysis, testing and optimization, and training. It caters to national enterprise customers in numerous industries, such as finance, sports, publishing, retail, and security, who are looking to make informed marketing decisions that can ultimately help drive sales. The company is headquartered in Philadelphia.

“Our team here is quite good at looking at large, complex sets of data and connecting the dots,” said CEO & Founder Aaron Maass. “We are able to find the meaning in mountains of numbers that not everyone can see.” 

Advanced Voice Service Required to Link National Employee Base 

Although MaassMedia is based in Philadelphia, many of its employees live in other parts of the country. With the VoIP services MaassMedia was using, its remote employees were not reachable through the company’s main voice line; instead, customers had to dial remote employees directly. This gave clients the impression that they were working with a group of contractors versus a unified agency. MaassMedia wanted its employees that worked remotely to be connected to their office phones so customers only had one company number to dial, and also to make sure that business related calls would not go unanswered. 

Further, MaassMedia wanted a voice service that ran over a dedicated circuit, versus a service that ran on top of its internet service. As a digital agency, the company sends and receives massive amounts of data, including large data files and images that consume a lot of bandwidth. 

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