MilkHouse Shakes up the Fast Food Customer Experience with Comcast Business

Philadelphia Restaurant Attracts Hungry, Tech-Savvy Commuters and Keeps Owners Connected with High-Speed Internet and XFINITY™ WiFi

  • Fast, casual restaurant with three downtown locations
  • Serve tech-savvy commuters and busy professionals

  • Lack of connectivity can slow customer service
  • Owners need ability to remotely monitor daily operations
  • Offer WiFi as customer amenity and to stream music 

  • Comcast Business  Internet
  • XFINITY™ WiFi 

  • Faster Internet service
  • Remote access into point-of-sale system for owners
  • Maintain guaranteed delivery of order in four minutes or less

Quality Food in a Fast, Casual Environment

MilkHouse Grilled Cheese and Ice Cream is a restaurant that strives for quality and simplicity. The menu is small but full of comfort food items like grilled cheese sandwiches, fresh cut fries, homemade soups, and milkshakes. The flagship store is located in Philadelphia’s Suburban Station, which receives heavy foot traffic from commuters. Two additional locations opened in Philadelphia, the first in 2015 in the nearby Rittenhouse neighborhood and the other at 30th Street Station in 2016. MilkHouse uses only locally sourced food for their menu items. The restaurant has been recognized for having the “Best Grilled Cheese” in the city.

“It’s a quality-focused concept in a fast, casual environment,” says owner Tommy Guest. 

Customers Expect Convenient, Reliable Service in a Timely Manner 

Busy customers want fast, simple service and a quality product, which is exactly what MilkHouse wanted from its Internet and WiFi services.  Its commuter clientele are typically in a hurry to get on the next train or get to work. Rather than having patrons stand in line to order or wait for a server, MilkHouse instead provides tablets at the end of the counters for customers to order their food, with a four minutes or less service guarantee. For this process to work, fast, reliable network connectivity with WiFi access is critical.

A high-performance Internet service is also critical to support MilkHouse business operations so employees can access line of business applications even when they weren’t able to make it into the physical stores.  MilkHouse also relies on WiFi to power its point-of-sale system as well as its in-store music system, which they use to attract customers into the restaurant. 

“A lot of our concept is technology driven,” said Guest. “Without Internet or WiFi, our service slows to a crawl and in the restaurant industry, that is a deal breaker for customers. It was critical that we find a reliable service provider partner.”

Comcast Business Delivers High-Speed Internet for Fast, Reliable Service

MilkHouse evaluated several service providers before selecting Comcast Business due to its ability to deliver scalable Internet and WiFi services. Comcast Business installed a 50 Megabit per second (Mbps) Business Internet connection, and XFINITIY WiFi service. MilkHouse began to experience the benefits immediately.

“Comcast Business Internet service is reliable and fast, which helps us operate our restaurant the way we want to, with quality products and speedy service,” said Guest.

Restaurant owners are now able to log-in to their POS systems remotely to see how the stores are doing for the day. They can run all four POS terminals on WiFi and their customers can order on tablets or through the website for even more efficiency. With the reliability of Comcast Business services, MilkHouse is experiencing increased customer satisfaction because they can order and be served quickly. In addition, the restaurants attract more customers with up-beat music consistently playing from the storefront. 

 “If we can’t get the order fast, we can’t make a grilled cheese fast and we can’t get it out fast. Comcast Business provides us with service that’s as quick as our presses need to be,” says owner Shannon Heil.

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