Silicon Valley’s Premier Blow Dry Bar Ramps Up Internet Speed to Keep Pace with Revenue Growth

In-demand blow dry bars turn to Comcast Business for help in getting out in front of the business’ demands for speed and bandwidth.


  • Silicon Valley chain of hair salons
  • Expanding locations by 25% this year
  • Slow Internet for credit card processing created poor customer experience

  • Reduce processing times for credit card transactions
  • Provide reliable service 24/7 for clients
  • Keep up with business bandwidth requirements

  • Comcast Business Deluxe 100 Plus Internet
  • Comcast Business WiFi
  • Comcast Business Voice

  • Quicker transaction processing
  • Satisfied clients
Giving Women Pampering and Confidence in Just 45 Minutes

While traveling internationally for business as a technology executive based in Silicon Valley, Rosemary Camposano came across a fabulous personal service called “brushing.” So common you’d find little shops almost on every corner, brushing involved washing, drying, and styling women’s hair. There was no cutting, no color, no curls or straightening – just styling. At a cost of around $10, the decision to have someone else care for your hair was not an issue, she explains.

Fast forward a few years, to 2010, after Camposano had left the world of technology to have a baby, and was then ready to re-enter the world of work. But her heart wasn’t in it. Coincidentally, while on a vacation in El Salvador, Camposano again ran across a brushing service, only the El Salvadorans had taken the lowly $10 brush to new heights. For between $1.50 and $10, depending on the level of service you requested, you could have as many as three technicians working on your scalp at once, finishing their task in just 15 minutes. Camposano was impressed and decided to bring the concept of brushing back to the U.S., which is more commonly known as a “blow out” here.

With her husband’s encouragement, she began researching similar services in the U.S. but was completely unimpressed. Her decision was made and Halo Blow Dry Bar was established.

Providing Hair Clients with Reliable WIFi Service While On-site

Despite the fact that her initial business plan called for 25 Halo Blow Dry Bars in just five years, Camposano was still somewhat surprised by the overnight success of her first location in Palo Alto, Calif. “It was a runaway hit,” she says, and profitable in only three months.

.Many of her clients were busy executives stopping in to Halo for a blow out on the way to an important meeting, or who needed to continue to work on projects while being attended to in the salon. Residents of the Silicon Valley take reliable service for granted. They expect it 24/7 and have built lives around that expectation of service. Unfortunately, Halo’s previous Internet service was not up to the task and customers complained, leaving negative Yelp reviews that cited slow bandwidth and slow WiFi speed as the problem.

As soon as she was able to, Camposano moved all her Internet and phone service to Comcast Business. The switch to Comcast Business Internet and WiFi was the solution Camposano needed. “It’s reliable, faster, and like having another employee working for me.”

Halo uses the private WiFi network for corporate business and offers a public XFINITY WiFi Hotspot for clients to tap into. The bandwidth is there when employees and clients need it.

High-speed Internet Helps Quicken Business Activity

To leverage the power of technology, Camposano continues to automate much of the behind-the-scenes business processes associated with running a blow dry bar. Making an appointment, for example, used to be handled almost exclusively by phone. Today, 30% of appointments are made by phone and 70% are made online. That rising reliance on technology, however, dramatically increases the importance of a technology provider that can deliver.

Using a web-based point-of-sale (POS) system running on the Comcast Business Internet connection, customers can make hair appointments online and Halo staffers can check clients in, make a change to the service they’ve requested, and process their payment. Behind the scenes, the POS system synchronizes in real time with Halo’s online and mobile booking system. On a typical day, Halo salons process about 200 transactions such as these, with that number skyrocketing to several hundred on busy Fridays and Saturdays. Credit card payments always take the longest and, with the previous provider, could take several minutes. Multiply that by dozens of customers and you get dissatisfied customers who don’t have time to wait. “The slow speed was hampering our growth.”

By upgrading to Comcast Business Deluxe 100 Plus Internet service, which offers 100 Mbps download speed and 20 Mbps upload, the processing speed is now “lightning fast,” says Camposano. “I’m very happy with it.”

Faster Speeds a Stepping Stone to More Business Expansion

After growing from one to four locations in three years, Halo is on an exponential growth trajectory and has no plans to slow down. In fact, Camposano is already planning a new design for Halo bars to help boost productivity and profitability while maintaining the already high service levels. The key? Technology.

Future Halo Blow Dry Bars will be equipped with check out stations that allow stylists to cash customers out themselves, rather than sending clients to a central cash register. This will significantly speed the check-out process but it requires more bandwidth, which Camposano is now confident Comcast Business can provide.

To entertain clients while they wait for their appointments, or while they are being dried and styled, Camposano is moving all her magazine subscriptions onto mobile tablets. Each station will have a tablet to serve up whatever guilty pleasure clients may be up for that day, including Halo’s own electronic newsletter. To take this step, however, “having a fast connection is going to be even more important,” she says.

Until equipping her locations with Comcast Business service, Camposano’s plans for growth and expansion were just that – plans. Now, however, she has the confidence that Comcast Business will offer level of service she’ll need, now and in the future.

“The difference with Comcast Business is that they understand how fast technology is moving and they invest to stay ahead of it.”
Rosemary Camposano
President and CEO
Halo Blow Dry Bars, Inc.

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