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    Specialized Computer Solutions Streamlines Small Business IT Service Delivery with Comcast Business

    IT and Cloud Service Provider Relies on Comcast Business Data, Voice, and Video Services to Provide a Seamless Client Experience

    Boutique IT Consulting Firm for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

    Specialized Computer Solutions, Inc. (SCS) is a boutique IT and cloud services provider based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Founded in 2000, the company currently employs 15 IT professionals and services more than 110 small and medium businesses across various industries. SCS supports its customers with cloud computing solutions, strategic information and communications technology (ICT) planning, outsourced IT services, website design and hosting, and software application development.  

    “We are a boutique IT consultancy with a highly dedicated and knowledgeable staff. We provide our clients with the resources they need to get their IT services up and their businesses running profitably,” said Chris Pelon, president and founder of SCS. 

    Slow Internet Hinders Client Support and Employee Productivity 

    To run its own business, and provide one-stop IT and managed services to its customers, SCS relied on a 5 Megabit per second (Mbps) symmetric DSL (SDSL) Internet connection. But with the business growing, and the need for employees to simultaneously service multiple clients, the 5 Mbps connection had become too slow for their needs. The often overburdened network made it difficult for employees to consistently communicate with clients, and for staff to remotely access client servers or devices. 

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