Comcast Business Remedies Connectivity Woes for Indian Health Center of Santa Clara Valley

California Medical Practice Improves Patient Experience and Care with Comcast Business Ethernet

Community Health Center Provides Wide Range of Services and Treatments

Indian Health Center of Santa Clara Valley delivers comprehensive healthcare and wellness treatment for members of the American Indian and Alaskan Native communities living in the greater Santa Clara, California region. The organization provides comprehensive outpatient services across its 11 locations, including mental health counseling, dental and medical care, nutrition assistance and more. 

Delayed Access to Patient Information Impedes Care   

Indian Health Center stores all patient records in a private, remotely housed data center. Health providers across its locations need access to these records to understand patient history, pull up lab results, prescribe drugs and view other key medical information, so a seamless connection is critical. Across the network, providers' ability to administer effective care depends on fast, clear and reliable electronic health record (EHR) access. 

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