Denver Neurologist Relies On Comcast To Support Quality Care

Comcast Business has enabled Dr. Hammerberg’s office to become more efficient, improve care and the overall patient experience.

Denver neurologist Dr. Eric Hammerberg and his office staff sought a one-stop-shop communications provider that could advance the standard in patient care.

The team sought unsurpassed reliability, flexibility and efficiency in an advanced communications solution to rapidly transmit files, view patient films online and digitally sign patient records. The practice also needed quality phone services and an entertainment solution for the waiting room.

Solution Requirements

  • The communications solution must meet three requirements: speed, reliability and affordability.
  • Dr. Hammerberg required a dependable connection to stay abreast of patient care at nearby healthcare facilities.
  • The office staff demanded an affordable phone solution along with an entertainment service for the patient waiting room.
Dr. Hammerberg and his office manager selected a Comcast Triple Play:

  • Comcast Business Internet
  • Comcast Business Voice
  • Comcast Business TV
Comcast Business has enabled Dr. Hammerberg’s office to become more efficient, improve care and the overall patient experience.

The Business Challenge
For more than 30 years, Dr. Eric Hammerberg has provided Denver-area residents with top quality neurology services. His expertise in electromyography, polyneuropathy and dementia have made him a sought-after specialist in Colorado. Dr. Hammerberg also believes that new technologies improve care and advance his practice.

Dr. Hammerberg recognizes that his technology requirements go beyond the latest in medical equipment. He requires clear, fast and reliable phone and data solutions that allow him to connect with his patients and stay abreast of their care. The office staff also requires a reliable communications system to keep the practice running smoothly.

In addition to an integrated Internet and voice provider, staff also sought a communications company that could install affordable television services in the medical office’s waiting room. Dr. Hammerberg knows that a quality patient experience begins the moment a patient steps foot in his office.

Dr. Hammerberg charged his Office Manager Carol Larsen with finding a provider that could meet his stringent demands for speed, reliability and value across the communications spectrum. After an exhaustive evaluation, Larsen selected Comcast for a service triple play featuring Comcast Business Internet, Comcast Business Voice and Comcast Business TV.

The Comcast Business Solution
To satisfy its demands for a robust and reliable communications system, Dr. Hammerberg’s office turned to Comcast for a full suite of communications services. The office is now connected to Business Internet, Business Voice and Business TV.

“The speed and reliability of Business Internet has helped the practice run more smoothly and allowed Dr. Hammerberg to be even more efficient,” says Carol. “Having a reliable connection allows us to provide an all-around higher quality of care.”

The Internet connection allows Dr. Hammerberg to check patient status with the click of a mouse. He can view patient films online and digitally sign records after transcription. He also enjoys the connection to do research on the Internet about various conditions. He finds what he needs much faster with Business Internet.

Business Internet has helped improve the efficiency and productivity of the office. The staff is able to transfer files quickly and have the capability to email patients. In addition, the connection puts the office in a solid position to fully embrace the transition to electronic medical records.

The office also installed Business TV that is available to patients in the office waiting room. Often, patients waiting to see Dr. Hammerberg are nervous. Having the TV turned to familiar programs can have a calming effect and be a welcoming distraction.

“Having Business TV has allowed us to create a better patient experience,” adds Carol.

Finally, Dr. Hammerberg enjoys using Business Voice service simply because it helps the practice manage costs. Because the service includes nationwide long distance, the office has seen a decrease in their monthly bill.

“The speed and reliability of Comcast’s Business Internet has helped the practice run more smoothly,”
- Dr. Eric Hammerberg, Denver-area neurologist

The Results
The deployment of Comcast Business services has met Dr. Hammerberg’s needs and exceeded the staff’s expectations. Each service plays an integral part of daily operations and supports the practice’s patient-first philosophy and growth plans.

Carol testifies to the power of Comcast Business services. “We value having Comcast Business services to support our practice, and we’re glad to have Comcast as our technology partner as we prepare for the future of medicine and the practice.

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