Navos Improves Customer Service Levels with Comcast Connection

Executive Summary

  • Navos Mental Health Solutions

  • Implement a secure, high- capacity connection that gives healthcare staff fast access to electronic health records and medical data so they can serve patients more efficiently and increase customer service levels.
Solution Requirements

  • Help increase patient satisfaction: The new connection must provide quick access to bandwidth- intensive clinical applications so staff can deliver more efficient patient care.
  • Ensure Security: The new connection must be reliable and secure.
  • Reduce communication costs: The solution must be competitively priced and provide the best value in the marketplace

  • Comcast Business Ethernet Private Line Service

  • Helps increase patient satisfaction through faster, more efficient care
  • Ethernet Private Line service is private, reliable and secure
  • Provides cost-effective connection that is 10 times faster
Healthcare Staff Needs Quick Access To Patient Records And Medical Data
For more than 40 years, Navos Mental Health Solutions has worked to improve the quality of life for people vulnerable to mental illness by providing a broad continuum of services. Patient care is the organization’s number one priority.

Before Navos opened a new outpatient services campus in 2011, its information services (IS) team considered connecting the main campus to the new campus with T1s. That’s how the team connected the main campus to the old outpatient services campus, which would eventually close. However, T1s offered limited bandwidth, resulting in slow connections, and this impeded the healthcare staff’s ability to provide fast and efficient patient care in several ways. Slow connections increased the time it took for staff to access electronic patient records, delayed file transfers of critical medical data among colleagues, and restricted their ability to gather the mental health information they needed from government, university and private institution web sites.

Faster access to patient records and medical data would enable the healthcare staff to expedite patient care and increase customer service levels.

Secure, High-Speed Connection Supports Fast, Efficient Patient Care
Navos implemented Comcast Business Ethernet Private Line between its main campus and the new outpatient services campus. The Comcast connection is 10 times faster than the previous T1connection, enabling the healthcare staff to increase customer service levels through faster and more efficient patient care.

“Now our staff can access and update patients’ records in minutes, which helps increase their productivity,” explained Jeff Coleman, IS Manager for Navos. “They no longer have to wait for the clinical application to load and respond before providing patient care. Before we implemented Comcast, the wait time was particularly long and frustrating on Mondays because our data backup process, which is a huge bandwidth draw, began on Friday night and spilled into Monday, causing all sorts of bottlenecks and slowdowns. Now that Comcast is in place, the backup process finishes on Saturday, taking only 12 hours to complete compared to 60 hours before Comcast. No one dreads Mondays anymore because staff can be just as productive as any other day of the week.”

The Comcast solution supports employee productivity in other ways too. For example, healthcare professionals rely on high-speed access to the latest medical information online, but Navos’ T1 connection didn’t provide the necessary bandwidth for staff to download the data they needed. “Downloads are quick and easy with Comcast, and the same is true for file transfers among staff members,” Coleman continued. “Now mission-critical mental healthcare information is available whenever and wherever they need it.”

“With Comcast Business Ethernet Private Line, our healthcare staff can access patient health records so much faster than they could with the previous T1 connection, which enables them to deliver patient care more efficiently than before. Our patients appreciate the prompt service.”
- Jeff Coleman
Information Services Manager
Navos Mental Health Solutions

Patient healthcare information is secure with Comcast too. “Comcast Business Ethernet Private Line is exactly what is says it is: private,” Coleman explained. “Comcast supports our efforts to meet HIPAA data security requirements, which means I don’t have to spend the time or resources making sure data traffic isn’t going somewhere it shouldn’t. Comcast gives us a secure point-to-point connection, plus the bandwidth we need at a reasonable price. If I had stayed with T1s, the throughput would have been 10% of what we get with Comcast Business Ethernet Private Line, and I would have paid 25% more each month. Now I save $7,200 per year and get a connection that is 10 times faster.”

Navos Improves Delivery Of Mental Health Services
Increases patient satisfaction through faster, more efficient care
Comcast Business Ethernet Private Line supports Navos’ efforts to increase customer satisfaction levels through faster, more efficient patient care by providing the bandwidth needed for healthcare staff to access patients’ medical records quickly, transfer large files fast, and download mental health data without delay. Another way the Comcast solution helps increase staff productivity is by enabling video conferencing. Now staff members don’t have to drive from campus to campus for training, saving each person several hours each month.

Supports HIPAA privacy requirements
Comcast Business Ethernet Private Line provides Navos with a secure point- to-point connection that preserves patient privacy and supports the organization’s compliance with HIPAA requirements.

Provides cost-effective connection that is 10 times faster
With Comcast Business Ethernet Private Line, Navos gets a scalable point-to- point connection that is 10 times faster than the previous T1 connection and saves the non-profit organization $600 each month. “The T1s were expensive and slow, and adding more bandwidth was cost-prohibitive,” Coleman said. “Comcast is the opposite: it’s competitively priced and fast. Adding more bandwidth is cost-effective too. For a very reasonable price, I can double our connection speed if the need arises.”

Founded in 1966 and located in Seattle, Washington, Navos is a private, non-profit organization that offers a full spectrum of innovative mental health services to thousands of low-income children and adults each year, including crisis intervention, inpatient care, and highly specialized and recovery-oriented outpatient services.

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