New Horizons Supported Services, Inc. Connects to the Community with Comcast Business Cloud-based Voice and Unified Communications

Comcast Business VoiceEdge Helps Maryland Nonprofit Provide Life-changing Employment Resources to People with Disabilities

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  • Human services organization helps over 200 individuals with disabilities
  • Supports an additional 500 clients from the Division of Rehabilitation Services (DORS)
  • 3 offices in Maryland
  • 112 employees

  • Employees and clients needed reliable voice service 
  • Poor customer service

  • Comcast Business VoiceEdge
  • Comcast Business Internet 

  • Cloud-based voice services with rich calling features
  • Excellent customer service
  • Up to 150 Mbps Internet

Founded in 1969, New Horizons Supported Services, Inc. supports individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities in Maryland through a variety of programs and services. The primary focus of the organization is to provide employment training and resources, however it also fosters social integration to encourage the individuals it serves to become active, productive and contributing members of their communities.  

New Horizons empowers the individuals it serves to gain and enhance the skills they need for professional and social independence through a vocational training program, transportation, employment services, and community support. The organization has 112 employees that serve 200 individuals in the towns of Upper Marlboro, Waldorf, and Cheverly/Hyattsville. In addition, it provides support to another 500 people with disabilities through the Maryland State Department of Education Division of Rehabilitation Services (DORS). 

“We want to give the individuals we support the opportunity to fully reach their potential and become an integrated part of the community at large. By working closely with their families and caregivers, we help them realize their goals, hopes, and dreams,” said Executive Director, Ron Vaughn. 

Daily Operations Hindered by Unresponsive Voice System

New Horizons provides more than just employment services to the individuals it assists, it helps them – and their families or caregivers – get access to the resources they need to be active in their communities. Part of helping these individuals is being available to support them with reliable voice services, whether they are looking for jobs, inquiring about programs, or accessing a resource. In addition to needing the phone to help individuals, New Horizons employees also rely on voice services to facilitate business operations, however the voice service they were using was unreliable.  

Further, the process to set up call forwarding, direct dialing, and voicemail with the existing service was not user friendly, so many employees grew frustrated and did not take advantage of the features. Often, individuals would call New Horizons trying to reach a specific person, but because the system was not properly set up, they would be transferred to the wrong person. And, without call forwarding that worked correctly, employees could not answer calls unless they were at their desks. 

“Our service was quite literally a nightmare. It got so bad that our customers were telling us that we needed to switch service providers,” said Vaughn. “People couldn’t leave voicemails because they were always connected to a different person than the one they were trying to reach. It was a truly miserable experience for all parties when making or answering calls.” 

Comcast Business Delivers User-friendly Voice and Unified Communications System, and Improved Customer Service 

New Horizons met with many different service providers but ultimately chose Comcast Business to provide voice and Internet services in all three locations because of its excellent, responsive customer service and reliable, user-friendly products and services. Comcast Business delivered Business VoiceEdge, a cloud-based voice and unified communications solution, to ensure that all important client and business calls are always answered and forwarded to the right person. 

Business VoiceEdge has features like automatic call forwarding to redirect phone calls to an employee’s cellphone if they are away from their desk, so they avoid missed calls. The direct dialing feature on Business VoiceEdge has also helped improve customer communication because it enables employees to transfer callers to the right person should they misdial or are unsure of the correct extension. In addition, New Horizons can now manage Business VoiceEdge through an easy-to-use, online portal that makes it simpler to set up voicemails, call forwarding, direct dial, mobile app, and other features. New Horizons is also enjoying the reliability of Comcast Business services.

“Ever since we made the switch to Comcast Business, we’ve received the most amazing customer service. My calls and questions are always answered in a timely manner,” said Vaughn. “I sometimes get sales calls trying to convince me to switch providers and I always tell them that I am VERY happy with my current provider!”

Comcast Business also installed Comcast Business Internet lines at up to 150 Megabits per second (Mbps) at each of the New Horizons locations, giving individuals access to fast Internet services for job searches, and to support daily business operations for employees. 

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