McMenamins Serves Up Customer Satisfaction with Comcast Business Services

Family-owned Business that Owns and Operates Numerous Breweries, Hotels, Pubs and Theaters Increases Operational Efficiency with High-performance Ethernet, Voice and TV Services

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  • Family-owned hospitality company has 57 locations throughout Oregon and Washington
  • Diverse mix of pubs, breweries, hotels, spas, distilleries, winery and many movie theaters and music venues strive for customer satisfaction
  • Provide sufficient bandwidth to support the optimal customer experience
  • Network multiple locations together to simplify various back office operations
  • Comcast Business Ethernet Dedicated Internet
  • Comcast Business Ethernet Network Service
  • Comcast Business TV
  • Comcast Business Voice
  • Scalable, high-capacity Internet service that can grow with the company
  • Reliable voice service for a high-quality customer experience
  • Confidence in offerings allows chain to pursue business expansion

McMenamins’ Family-friendly Establishments Offer Entertainment for All Ages
It’s almost a challenge to find a hospitality venue in Oregon and Washington that doesn’t bear the McMenamins name. For 30 years, the family-owned business has fed, entertained and accommodated patrons in the Pacific Northwest region in its numerous pubs, breweries, music venues, theaters and hotels.

Since opening The Barley Mill in 1983, brothers Brian and Mike McMenamins have parlayed a focus on customer satisfaction into a large and diverse group of hospitality establishments that includes 57 pubs – 24 of which are breweries – nine hotels, two spas, two distilleries, a winery and a number of movie theaters and music venues.

Scalable Bandwidth Needed to Support the Customer Experience and Operations
McMenamins provides a wide array of services – food, drink, movies, concerts, events and spa and hotel amenities – across its footprint.  All of the family’s offerings rely in some way on the Internet, and the large hospitality group couldn’t continue to build customer loyalty and expand physically without better network connectivity between locations; or the ability to offer modern, on-site services such as Wi-Fi and HDTV.

But McMenamins risked diminishing its high standard of customer service because its previous regional service provider had slow service that hindered operations. At pubs, employees and customers were frustrated when credit card transactions wouldn’t process quickly. Hotels couldn’t check out guests in a timely fashion. And customers often complained about spotty Wi-Fi.

McMenamins needed a reliable network service provider that could fully support the technological needs of its businesses. Increased use of its catering and event spaces, for instance, means more customers require the ability to stream video and host online meetings. In McMenamins’ pubs and hotels, patrons carrying mobile devices expect free wireless Internet access. The staff, meanwhile, needs additional bandwidth to use the online system for credit card transactions, to transfer large files between headquarters and other locations, and to gain access to online property management software.

“Our company has always been dedicated to providing the best possible customer experience at all of our venues, so it is important that our Internet access and network services are reliable and scalable because they underlie so many of the customer-facing aspects of our business,” said Joe Frazier, Information Systems Manager at McMenamins.

Comcast Business Delivers Ethernet, TV and Voice Solutions to Enable Business Growth
As a large, growing and geographically-distributed business, McMenamins needed a service provider with the network reach and variety of service offerings to connect its different locations and support the various customer-facing and back office operations of its business. To help advance its commitment to customer satisfaction, McMenamins turned to Comcast Business.

The hospitality group uses Comcast Business Ethernet services at six locations spanning both Oregon and Washington, including a 50 Megabit per second (Mbps) Ethernet Dedicated Internet connection at its Portland headquarters and a 10 Mbps Ethernet Network Service to provide multipoint-to-multipoint connectivity between the White Eagle Saloon, Hotel Oregon, Olympic Club Hotel and Pub, Grand Lodge and Mission Theater.

McMenamins also added Comcast Business TV at 51 of its locations so pub patrons can track their favorite sports teams; and hotel guests can enjoy a full lineup of high definition (HD) television channels in their rooms. And installation of Comcast Business Voice at McMenamins’ larger hotel properties gives it the type of advanced call-management capabilities it needs to deliver excellent customer service.

“Having a single point-of-contact for all of our locations makes it easier to manage those services and gives us peace of mind. We can run high-speed Internet, Ethernet, TV and voice services to locations across two states and all through one network – something we just couldn’t do with our last provider,” said Frazier.

McMenamins’ event customers now have ample bandwidth to use video and Web for important business meetings, and pub patrons and hotel guests readily access free Wi-Fi on their mobile devices. Behind the scenes at headquarters, the staff moves large files much faster than before and has no difficulty connecting with its hosted property management software. And at five of McMenamins’ larger hotels and restaurants, employees no longer have to break out calculators to tabulate bills because of a slow Internet connection.

Added Frazier: “Because Comcast Business has an advanced network with vast reach and a wide variety of services, we can deliver a consistent experience across our many locations and ensure customer satisfaction. It’s also assuring to have a network provider that will support our operations as we grow.”

Download this article as a PDF >

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