Comcast 's Lightning Fast Internet Speeds Suit Berry Built + Design

Washington-based Berry Built + Design employs professional craftsmen and interior designers with a devotion to high-quality custom kitchens and baths.

Berry Built + Design needed an Internet connection that worked as hard as its employees do. The connection must support the design communications process. The provider must offer superior customer service.

Solution Requirements
The company required robust, reliable Internet service to support the Berry Built + Design philosophy for service.

The Comcast Solution

  • Comcast Business Internet
The Results 
Berry Built + Design found a partner to advance its high standards for customer service. The company is now more efficient in its communications and pleased with the standard of care it receives from Comcast.

The Business Challenge

When you love what you do, it shows in the details. And, it’s the details that separate Berry Built + Design from its competitors in every kitchen and bath that it constructs. Berry Built + Design is comprised of a group of meticulous contractors, designers and craftsmen who strive to provide their clients an unparalleled service.

The combination of an intimate planning process, quality products and professional remodeling all under one roof provides Berry Built + Design clients an experience like no other in the Inland Northwest.

“We’re able to maintain our strict standards of quality and reputation because of talented employees who make customer satisfaction their highest priority,” says Matt Berry, President of Spokane, Washington-based Berry Built + Design. “As a family-owned business, we put our name behind every project, and, because of that we guarantee the highest levels of quality and professionalism.”

Because Berry Built + Design demands so much of itself, it’s no surprise that it demands the same of its communications provider – especially one that provides a vital service such as Internet. Berry Built + Design chose Comcast because of the company’s approach to customer care and its commitment to quality. Further, it valued a fast connection to support its highly personal design process that requires transmission of large files.

The Comcast Business Solution

“Customer service is key,” explains Matt. “We want to work with like-minded businesses. We provide a superior experience and so, we expect to be treated the same. We’re treated well by Comcast.”

Beyond service, Berry Built + Design values the speed of Comcast Business Internet. The company consistently uses its 16 Mbps downstream connection to share large PDF design files and photos with its clients as well as conduct research for its projects.

Business Internet supports the company’s overall business growth. Berry Built + Design uses the connection to link with fellow members of the National Kitchen and Bath Association and then teach continuing education courses to others who wish to learn about industry standards and new innovations. In the future, the company plans to use its Business Internet with online marketing efforts.

The Results

“We need the speed, and Comcast delivers,” says Matt. “We used to have a much slower connection before; when we switched, we were amazed at what a difference Comcast Business Internet could make.”

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