DPR Construction Builds Jobsite Connectivity with Comcast Business Ethernet Services

National General Contractor Credits Technical Expertise and Exceptional Customer Service for Growing Business


  • National general contractor with growing business
  • Success depends on technical expertise, commitment to customer service

  • Long-term building projects require high-capacity Internet service
  • Dedicated, scalable bandwidth critical for large design files and communications
  • Need to move Internet connection around the jobsite as the project progresses

  • Comcast Business Ethernet Dedicated Internet

  • Reliable Internet connectivity
  • 100 Mbps of capacity to accommodate a variety of applications
  • Proactive, flexible service provider
National General Contractor Credits Technical Expertise and Exceptional Customer Service for Growing Business

DPR Construction is a national general contractor and construction manager specializing in highly complex and sustainable projects for five core markets, including advanced technology, healthcare, higher education, life sciences and corporate office development. The company has 18 offices around the country, making it one of the largest general contractors in the nation.

Since the company’s founding in 1990, DPR has operated under the philosophy that construction is a customer-focused, service-oriented business rather than a manufacturing business. The company attributes much of its growth and success to its commitment to developing strong, lasting relationships with its customers.

“A huge amount of work goes into any construction project and the success of the build is dependent on many moving parts working effectively and simultaneously to reach a common goal. For us, that goal has always been the satisfaction of our customers,” said Ray Paradise, IT field manager at DPR Construction.


Scalable Internet Service and Provider Flexibility Play Critical Role in   Success of Construction Projects

While DPR serves its customers through its regional offices located throughout the country, once a project has begun, the company establishes a mobile office on each construction project.

Depending on the size of the construction project, whether it is a small retail store or a large medical campus, DPR can have over 100 employees working on-site in temporary, mobile offices. These temporary offices serve as the construction crew’s primary office for as many as 3-5 years, so a reliable, dedicated Internet connection must be established to support communication. However, because these mobile offices are periodically moved around the jobsite as different stages of a building project are completed, a responsive and flexible service provider that can provide connectivity as office move is also a requirement.


Comcast Business Earns Trusted Provider Status for Technology and Service

DPR has worked with numerous Internet service providers over the years, however many have not been able to deliver the important combination of technology and service.

Added Paradise: “Trust is an important part of our business, so we expect the same level of reliability, responsiveness and flexibility to get the job done from the vendors that we work with to keep our operations running smoothly in the field.”

Comcast provides DPR with 100 Megabit per second (Mbps) Ethernet Dedicated Internet circuits on its construction projects, as well as the capability to move the connections around the jobsite as needed in a timely fashion.  DPR employees use the Ethernet service for routine communication and collaboration with DPR colleagues, suppliers and clients, as well as to establish a VPN tunnel to its national data center in order to access and use hosted construction management, virtual modeling and financial software applications. With its Comcast services, DPR’s construction crew also is able to collaborate with clients, subcontractors, and architects using large, technically complex Business Information Modeling (BIM) files on the jobsite, such as electrical, plumbing, and mechanical plans.  DPR models those plans using Autodesk’s Revit or Construction & Capital Project Management (CMiC) software, and transmits them effectively among users via their high-capacity Comcast circuits.

“The uptime and reliability of our Comcast Ethernet Internet service is solid, and the amount of capacity we have is excellent,” said Paradise.

In the construction industry, time is money, and technology plays an essential role in ensuring project success. Teamwork is also important, and DPR must work closely with its suppliers to ensure deadlines and deliverables are met on-time, and on-budget. 

Comcast Business works closely with DPR construction site managers to stay apprised of, and aligned with, building schedules to avoid downtime with re-establishing connectivity as the mobile office is moved around the jobsite.

Paradise added: “Comcast definitely understands our business. We need extensive flexibility and a high level of communication, coordination, teamwork, and execution—all of which we are getting, starting with our Comcast account rep. The technical customer service is solid, and my account rep is on speed dial, available and accountable.”

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