Leading Sheet Metal Fabricator Counts on Comcast for Powerful, Professionally Managed Voice Solution

Increase Productivity While Managing Costs.

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Located in Springfield, Massachusetts, Baystate Metal Solutions has led the way in sheet metal custom fabrication since 1973. The company offers quality American craftsmanship combined with technologically advanced processes to provide customized solutions, such as component cabinetry. To survive in the competitive sheet metal marketplace, Baystate focuses on superior customer service backed by state-of-the art processes.

Replace an outdated, inefficient, and costly telephone system that did not deliver the customer experience needed.

Solution Requirements
  • Timely, responsive local support: Find a full-service provider that offers powerful voice communications, fast and easy installation, and local support.
  • Increase productivity: Associates at Baystate Metal Solutions need easy and flexible access to their voice mail so they can serve customers more efficiently and effectively.
  • Manage costs: The solution must involve no capital outlay and include a predictable monthly set price.
  • Comcast Business Internet
  • Comcast Managed Business Voice
  • Comcast Business TV
  • Provides flexible and professional voice communications
  • Helps improve productivity; associates better able to meet customers’ expectations
  • Cost effective communication solution; provides predictable bills from one service provider

The Business Challenge
Baystate Metal Solutions operates in a very competitive marketplace. According to Tony Fernandez, the company’s President and CEO, the first vendor to provide a quote to a customer is often the one to get the order. “That’s the main reason we needed to replace our phone system,” he explained. “We had to become more responsive and proactive with our customers; therefore, we needed to give our sales people the telephony tools they require to be successful in serving our customers, both current and future.”

Before Tony assumed ownership of Baystate Metal Solutions, the company relied on an inefficient, operator-based telephone system with one central line. “This resulted in customers getting busy signals when they called, and since we didn’t have voice mail, they had to call back at a later time. Our associates are true professionals, but our phone system was not professional.”

Fernandez and his colleagues needed a much more efficient and effective way to communicate with customers, enabling them to focus on their business rather than worry about whether or not their customers could reach them. And, Fernandez wanted to find a solution that involved no capital outlay and provided a predictable monthly cost because his previous bills had fluctuated by up to $500 each month.

The Comcast Business Solution
Comcast Managed Business Voice gives Baystate Metal Solutions a complete, managed voice solution at a predictable price.

“Comcast saves me hundreds of dollars each month,” Fernandez said. “And, there was no capital outlay on our part, so we were able to put the money we saved toward new projects. Other providers required us to buy equipment up front, but we weren’t prepared for those prices. The smallest outlay would have been $3,000.”

The Comcast solution also gives Baystate Metal Solutions powerful and professional voice communications. “Now we have the flexibility of direct extensions and automated voice mail systems for each division,” Fernandez continued.“If one of our sales associates is on the telephone with a customer and another customer calls in, he can either jump to the other line to answer a quick question or listen to the voice mail and return the customer’s call immediately. Time is of the essence in our business.”

In addition to a cost-effective solution with rich functionality, Fernandez needed fast installation. “Comcast has an incredible local sales presence,” he added. “They met each of our requests quickly, including our request for fast installation. During installation, I always knew my account team was one phone call away from being at my door if I needed them.”

Productivity has increased at Baystate Metals since installing Comcast Managed Business Voice. “Our associates use it as a sales tool,” Fernandez said. “Now we meet and exceed our customers’ expectations. And, as our business grows and we require additional data management, Comcast will take us into the future.”

Since Comcast is a full-service provider, Baystate Metal Solutions also uses Comcast High-Speed Internet and Comcast Business TV. “I was able to eliminate the number of vendors I deal with. Now I have one Comcast contact for these services, and I pay one bill each month—at one predictable price.”

“Our Comcast solution saves us money, improves our daily operations, and increases our productivity. Plus, we receive great responsiveness from a locally managed team.”

Tony Fernandez
President and CEO
Baystate Metal Solutions

The Results
Provides flexible and professional voice communications
Before Baystate Metal Solutions implemented Comcast Managed Business Voice, the company relied on an outdated telephone system with one line and no voice mail. When customers called Baystate, they were often met with a busy signal. Now, customers are immediately directed to the right associate and have the option to leave voice mail, which associates can access at their desks or on the road. “Our telephone system is as professional as any Fortune 5000 company’s setup,” Fernandez said.

Improves productivity; associates meet and exceed customers’ expectations
Comcast Managed Business Voice is designed to help small and medium-sized businesses work faster and more efficiently, which is exactly what happened at Baystate Metal Solutions. “With this kind of automated functionality, our associates don’t miss calls, enabling them to quickly understand exactly what our customers and vendors need. Timeliness and customer service are at the core of our business,” Fernandez added.

Reduces communication costs; provides predictable bills with one service provider. 
Now Baystate Metal Solutions receives one bill each month that covers Comcast Managed Business Voice, Comcast High-Speed Internet, and Comcast Digital Cable. In addition to the convenience of one bill and reducing the number of vendors with which Fernandez deals, the Comcast solution decreased his monthly telephone bill, and required no initial outlay of capital.

For more information or a free consultation, visit www.business.comcast.com/managedvoice.

Download this article as a PDF >

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