2K Networking Leverages Comcast Business Ethernet to Attract New Customers

Pennsylvania Technology Solutions Provider Expands Offerings to Include Data Back-up, Disaster Recovery and Other Co-location Services with High-Performance Ethernet Dedicated Internet


  • Growing IT consulting firm
  • Portfolio of managed data services for enterprise, government and small business customers

  • Secure, high-capacity connectivity to support customers’ data replication, disaster recovery and other IT initiatives
  • Fast, scalable, Internet access to support growing company’s bandwidth needs

  • Comcast Business Ethernet Dedicated Internet

  • Secure, scalable Ethernet connection enables quick, efficient data transfer between customer and the data center
  • Growing staff has the Internet access bandwidth to perform Web-based client services
Technology Solutions Provider Adds Data Center Services

Glenn Pepo started 2K Networking with the aim of helping companies to better manage their businesses using technology. Founded in 2000 as a technology solutions provider with eight customers, the company now has more than 1,200 clients and recently opened a 15,500-square-foot data center and company headquarters in Lemoyne, Pennsylvania, so that it could expand its portfolio of services.

Today, 2K Networking provides a broad array of cloud, IT management, data storage and disaster recovery services to small businesses, enterprise, healthcare organizations, governments and transportation companies, most of which are within 100 miles of Lemoyne.

“2K Networking supports the most current tools and latest technologies. We undertake every project with an honest, informative approach based on open communication with the customer and a willingness to learn and understand their business. We take pride in knowing our customers are getting the most out of technology,” said Pepo, 2K Networking’s president and CEO.

Access and Security Critical for Data Center Services

One of 2K Networking’s most sought-after offerings has been its 2K TotalCare Support program, which provides a thorough assessment of an organization’s network, infrastructure, securityapplications and other technological components. This review detects technical inefficiencies and deficiencies, and gives 2K Networking the opportunity to sell and implement additional IT services and solutions.

After completing hundreds of business and technology audits for customers, Pepo recognized that his customers could also benefit from leveraging offsite hardware and services. Many of Pepo’s customers were looking to shift the labor and costs of IT management to off-site data centers that provide anytime access to data that is housed in a secure, resilient facility – and 2K Networking had to expand if it wanted to meet that demand.

As he built the new state-of-the-art facility, Pepo knew that the data center had to provide customers with scalable, high-performance connectivity to their hosted services and applications. To meet those expectations, 2K Networking sought a service provider partner that could support the security and bandwidth requirements of its customers.

2K Networking also needed scalable Internet service for its new headquarters to support its rapidly growing staff, as more employees needed to access large files, programs and applications to provide top-tier expertise and support to clients. From its Global Support Center, 2K Networking provides help desk services, remote assistance, infrastructure management, security services, WAN configurations and end user computer services. As 2K Networking’s remote capabilities expanded, the technical service team needed scalable, high-performance Internet to provide top-tier technical service and support to its clients nationwide.

“We’re offering a Tier-3 data center experience that provides unmatched accessibility, data protection and peace of mind in case of a disaster. For example, one of the many redundancy steps we take is uploading our customers’ data to offsite data centers to mitigate any interruption of service, because we know our customers need to access their data fast and without hiccups, no matter where they are,” Pepo said.

Comcast Delivers Secure, High-Performance Ethernet Services; Helps Ensure Customer Loyalty

2K Networking didn’t look far when selecting a network service provider to support its new data center and headquarters. A customer of Comcast Business Internet and PRI Trunk services for nearly a decade, the company once again turned to Comcast Business to install secure, high-performance Ethernet at its Lemoyne facility.

With its nationwide Ethernet service footprint, Comcast Business was able to quickly extend its fiber network directly into 2K Networking’s new facility with two 100 megabits per second (Mbps) Ethernet Dedicated Internet connections that can seamlessly scale to 10 gigabits per second (Gbps) as necessary.

“As the demand for our services increases, Comcast gives us the scalability to increase bandwidth almost overnight and without any build-out costs. That’s very attractive to us,” Pepo said.

The separate 100 Mbps connections are configured with border gateway patrol for failover purposes, allowing 2K Networking to meet the business needs and performance requirements of its clients. The connections enable 2K Networking customers to securely access services and applications hosted in the 2K Networking data center, and support Internet access for 2K Networking’s 25 employees. As it looks to continue growing, the company can hire more employees with confidence, knowing it has sufficient bandwidth to support staff members’ access to the many Web-based applications, programs and files that help them best serve clients.

Conversely, by having its data center connected to Comcast’s nationwide network, 2K Networking offers existing Comcast Business Ethernet customers an option for on-net data back-up, disaster recovery and other colocation services. This gives Comcast customers the ability to transfer data quickly, efficiently and securely.

Added Pepo: “There’s plenty of competition in the area, so we need to stand out by helping companies maximize their technology and see a cost benefit. Comcast Business is a provider that helps us realize that. In fact, we’re so pleased with their Ethernet services that after assessing a client’s infrastructure and network, we’ll recommend they use Comcast Business.”

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