Affiliated Insurance Chooses Comcast Business As An Important Piece of Its Service Puzzle

Plymouth, Minnesota – Affiliated Insurance Services provides personalized service, providing an agent and agency that works for and with customers to support their personal and business insurance needs.

The company sought a communications provider that could not only meet its stringent communications needs, but provide support through a local representative. The company wanted to switch from its current provider to one that would support its growth plans.

Solution Requirements

  • Affiliated Insurance Services demanded fast Internet service so that employees could quickly access information to support product research
  • Voice service serves as a lifeline to customers and must be reliable
  • Local customer support is required to effect a successful migration from the old provider 

Affiliated Insurance Services chose:

  • Comcast Business Internet 
  • Comcast Business Voice 
Affiliated Insurance Service has realized its requirements with Comcast Business. Comcast Business Internet and Voice services provide a reliable and efficient connection to customers. Further, Comcast services provide a platform for Affiliated’s future marketing efforts.

The Business Situation
For Plymouth, Minnesota company Affiliated Insurance Services, success may be summed up in its customer testimonials. The agency’s customers rank its superior customer service, professionalism and knowledgeable staff as the top reasons to choose Affiliated Insurance for their personal or business insurance needs.

The Affiliated Insurance team views insurance as a puzzle, and it’s their job to assess what products best suit the needs of their customers. Whether it’s home, auto or business insurance, Affiliated Insurance strives to make the insurance pieces fit the puzzle of life.

Just as Affiliated Insurance assembles the right products for its customers, the business requires that its own technology and service vendors work seamlessly to support its business vision. Affiliated Insurance’s Owner and Founder Debe Marofsky sought a telecommunications provider that could support not only its day-to-day communications needs, but provide a platform for the growing operation. Marofsky wanted a provider that offered quality services and a local contact who would be responsive to her questions and needs.

The Comcast Business Solution
Marofsky attributes 35 years of success to maintaining what she refers to as “old-fashioned values” and protecting customers’ interests. She wanted a communications provider who shared that same philosophy. She turned to Comcast Business services after a thorough evaluation of services and local operations.

“Local customer service is one strong reason to choose Comcast,” says Debe. “We were impressed with the company’s customer care program. From the beginning, our service representative was phenomenal. We were hesitant to switch, but our rep made it easy.”

In addition to customer service, the employees of Affiliated Insurance rely on Comcast Business Internet to serve customers. Affiliated Insurance enjoys the speed of its connection so that it can quickly pull resources on demand. They also chose Comcast Business Voice for its telephone service. “Phone service is our lifeline to our customers, so it’s important that it’s reliable,” stresses Debe. “We’ve been impressed with the reliability of all of our Comcast services.”

“Local customer service is one strong reason to choose Comcast. Our service representative has been phenomenal.”  Debe Marofsky, Owner and Founder of Affiliated Insurance

The Results

We wanted to broaden our horizons as a business, and Comcast’s connections will help us do that,” says Debe. “We may not be the biggest agency on the block, but we strive to be the best. When we sell a policy, we don’t forget the person who is behind it. That’s the reason we chose Comcast. They seek to do the same.”

In addition to supporting day-to-day business needs, Debe says that she will use Comcast Business Internet to explore opportunities to build her business in ways that include social media such as LinkedIn.

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