Comcast Business Ethernet Private Line Helps Crawford Media Services Keep The Edge

A new headquarters equipped with Comcast Business and Ethernet Private Line means new opportunities for a leading Atlanta-based media services company.

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The Situation

  • Atlanta, GA-based premium post-production services and media management solutions to domestic and international clients 
  • Thirty years’ success in business 
  • Provider of turnkey solutions for television, film, interactive media and digital archiving 
The Challenge
  • Opening a new 80,000-square-foot facility with new telecommunications requirements, including a high-speed, high capacity fiber optic connection, and a communications backbone to support high volume data traffic

  • Comcast Business Ethernet Network Service 

  • High-volume, reliable bandwidth
  • Robust, reliable service provision
  • Ethernet private lines for the metropolitan Atlanta area at a cost-effective price point
Crawford Media Needed To Keep Its Leadership in The Atlanta Market 

Thirty years’ proven success in media services would gain anyone’s respect, but in that rapidly changing, intensely competitive business, it isn’t what you achieved yesterday that counts. Atlanta-based Crawford Media Services had to focus on the future. The company was newly-independent from the sale of its satellite division; in a new headquarters; and working to prove itself in a media environment where “downtime,” says Matthew Kraft, CIO, “was death.”

"We needed a high-speed, high-capacity fiber optic connection that would allow us to work efficiently with large files; and we needed a provider that had the communications backbone to support the tremendous amount of data we process on a daily basis,” Matthew says. “We were looking for a service provider that was not only robust in terms of coverage, but was able to deliver us Ethernet private lines, which is a core of our business in the metropolitan Atlanta area, at a very cost-effective price point. The provider would have to build redundant and diverse paths into our environment to help minimize downtime.”

Comcast Gives Crawford Media the Fiber Backbone It Needs

“Comcast Business was ideal,” Matthew continues, “in that Comcast delivered on all three of our business needs with their Ethernet Private Line solution. They built out our fiber infrastructure and gave us access to multiple high-speed, high-capacity 10 Gbps lines, and they provided us with very strong coverage in the metropolitan Atlanta area for our Ethernet private line circuits. The diversity of their network infrastructure also provided the redundancy we were looking for in a carrier.”

“We were moving into a new facility,” Matthew explains, “so it was crucial to the success of our present and future business that we build out a strong connectivity base. The back end operation of our business is quick and secure movement of large files. We serve data center clients in the metropolitan Atlanta area, and our security needs require private Ethernet lines from our facility to theirs. Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) connections, even with Layer 2 VPN architecture, just aren’t enough. That’s where Comcast Business Ethernet Private Line solution was key. From a fiber delivery perspective, Comcast Business is the centerpiece of our new facility.”

High-volume, reliable bandwidth

The robust Ethernet coverage in Comcast Business permits Crawford Media Services to move large files with reliability, and speed for its clients.

Ethernet private lines for the metropolitan Atlanta area at a very cost-effective price point

Matthew remembers: “I told all our potential service providers what I needed: diverse paths that are independently operated from multiple head nodes; protected fiber build out; X amount of initial capacity; and secure private Ethernet lines to our Atlanta data center clients.” Comcast’s solution gave Crawford Media a price point that worked and a quick build-out.

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