Comcast Business Services Helps a Pioneering IT Hosting and solutions Company Evolve with its Industry



  • Wallingford, Connecticut-based local leader in IT hosting and Cloud services
  • Serves small and mid-sized businesses with services and support

  • Provide reliable connectivity and bandwidth flexibility at a reasonable price

  • Comcast Ethernet Dedicated Internet (EDI) service helps ISG Software Group stay connected with its customers and provide instant access to their critical data and applications.
  • Comcast Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) option expedites the routing process to ensure low latency among users operating on different Internet connections.

  • Reliable connectivity
  • Flexibility in providing and pricing services
  • New business opportunities in an evolving business sector

Comcast helps ISG Software Group Evolve with its Changing Industry

“Open source” software revolutionized computing a generation ago, says Gary Cuozzo, founder of ISG Software Group, and the pace has only quickened. “The speed of change in open source is accelerating because it’s so intensively collaborative. Millions of contributors, countless ideas, very rapid advancements and change; it all means you need to stay involved and connected as the industry and all its manifestations evolve. That puts ISG in a place where speed and flexibility are essential.”

Founded in 1998, ISG provides online backup and recovery solutions, web development, web design, software tools, application development, and hosting services to companies in a diverse array of industries throughout the Northeast. The industry’s rapid evolution has changed the role ISG plays in its customer’s success: “Before, the job was done simply if a customer’s server was up and running. Companies now need a real partner, a solutions provider,” Cuozzo says. “ISG gets involved in the management of their application. A bundled solution – that’s now our standard.”

As more of its customers outsourced CRM and ERP applications, servers and websites to ISG, Cuozzo knew that he needed more speed and reliability than T1s offered; but moreover, he was looking for a new flexibility that T1s can’t provide. “Every time we needed to add additional bandwidth to our existing T1 lines, it would be an arduous process with long wait times and many headaches. The cost was high and we were still getting less bandwidth than we needed.”

Comcast Business Ethernet Dedicated Internet Delivers ISG’s Solution

Comcast’s Ethernet Dedicated Internet service and Comcast’s Border Gateway Protocol option, which expedites the routing process to ensure low latency among users operating on different Internet connections, have been the solutions.

“We deliver big-company benefits to the small to midsize businesses who don’t want to spend their money on infrastructure,” Cuozzo explains. “But expanding our bandwidth to serve that market was a hassle and the costs jumped progressively. With Comcast, we can increase our speed while managing our monthly charges.” The Border Gateway Protocol option expands his business offerings, Cuozzo continues. “That offers us a really nice low latency high performance link, which helps us serve businesses eager to let us host a virtual server or some other type of service for them.”

Secure connectivity was another important priority. “All the other companies I talked with deployed their fiber over the same network,” Cuozzo says. “Comcast uses its own network.”

Comcast Delivers Reliable Results and New Opportunities for ISG

Reliable connectivity
“We haven’t had any serious emergencies in serving customers over the years, fortunately, but we recognized that there was a measure of vulnerability that was inherent in the technology,” Cuozzo says. “One of our key offerings is disaster recovery. Now we can offer business continuity solutions with even greater confidence and reliability, and our customers who have Comcast Enterprise connectivity can even link to our facility privately.”

Flexibility in providing and pricing services
The fast scalability of Comcast Business Ethernet services lets ISG increase bandwidth rapidly without long lead times or new equipment. “That flexibility permits us in turn to be flexible and responsive with our customers,” Cuozzo says. “When a customer says they need 20 Mbps of bandwidth I can scale up quickly, while maintaining a fair price for our customers. You can’t do that with a traditional copper line.”

New business opportunities in an evolving business sector
Comcast’s flexibility and reliability support ISG’s ongoing evolution as the industry creates new business opportunities. “We’re looking to grow in the hosted solutions environment,” Cuozzo says. “These days it’s not about the nuts and bolts of the servers and the bandwidth; it’s about understanding our customer’s application and how to support it. They make the same promise to their own customers. 
They need a provider who shares their mission.”

 “Expanding our bandwidth was a hassle and the costs jumped progressively – getting more bandwidth meant paying considerably higher prices. With Comcast Business Services, we can increase our speed, allowing us to offer enhanced connectivity while also managing our monthly charges.”

Gary Cuozzo
Founder and Owner 
ISG Software Group

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