Con J. Franke Electric Plugs into Comcast Business to Help Improve Service and Efficiency

Electrical Services Contractor Delivers Superior Customer Experience and Helps Improve Mobile Worker Productivity via Seamless Connectivity to Virtual Network


  • Electrical contractor based in Stockton, CA
  • Services large industrial clients on-site at remote locations

  • Legacy Internet connection was slow, lacked scalability
  • Unable to deliver timely updates to clients due to mobile workforce
  • Unreliable business phone service

  • Comcast Business Ethernet Dedicated Internet
  • Comcast Business Ethernet Private Line
  • Comcast Business Internet
  • Comcast Business VoiceEdge™

  • Reliable, high-speed Internet links to hosted IT environment
  • Mobile worker connectivity helped improve customer service and project productivity
  • Voice services for client communication
Industrial Electric Company Focused on Performance and Customer Service
Con J. Franke Electric was founded in Stockton, California in the early 1920s. Initially focused on repairing household appliances, the company evolved into a public works contractor for the city of Stockton and now provides electrical services for industrial public works projects, institutional and educational facilities and industrial water treatment plants.

Legacy Internet Connection Slows Customer Response Time
Con J. Franke employees spend much of their time on-site with clients, so the ability to access and share information remotely, as well as seamlessly communicate with the company’s network, is critical to speed project time and ensure a high level of service. Con J Franke was relying on a legacy 1.5 Megabit per second (Mbps) T1 Internet connection to communicate with clients and share service updates. Communication was often delayed, as employees were frequently unable to access company information from client sites and needed to return to the office to provide updates.

“We were using an older VPN connection that was cumbersome and failed to facilitate effective information sharing,” said Barry Frain, president, Con J. Franke Electric. “We knew we needed a serious connection upgrade to deliver a high-quality experience for both our employees and our customers.”

In 2015, Con J. Franke began outsourcing its IT support services to Point 1 IT. Con J. Franke wanted to improve its ability to service customers at their worksites, enable a high-level mobile working environment for its employees and facilitate information access outside of the office. Point 1 IT was hired to create, host and manage a virtual desktop system that would help Con J. Franke improve mobility and better service its clients.

Point 1 IT rearchitected Con J. Franke’s entire network and moved it to the cloud via its Desktop as a Service offering. Moving to a virtual hosted network promised to improve Con J. Franke’s remote working capabilities and speed overall project productivity. However, with the company’s entire network now hosted remotely in Point 1 IT’s Fremont, California data center, a reliable, high-quality Internet connection became more critical than ever.

To truly benefit from the virtualized network and deliver a quality user experience for employees and clients – both in the field and in the office – the company needed to increase its bandwidth and create a strong direct connection to the Point 1 IT data center.

In addition to Internet, Con J. Franke was also looking to upgrade its business phone service. The company required reliable service that would facilitate employee/client communication regardless of location, as well as support business growth.

Comcast Business Ethernet and Internet Services Support Employee Mobility, Customer Service Improvements and Company Growth

After a thorough review of vendors, Con J. Franke chose Comcast Business to provide scalable Ethernet based Internet services. The provider won out over competitors because of its extensive service offerings, reputation for reliability and deep business services experience. Comcast Business installed a 20 Mbps Ethernet Dedicated Internet (EDI) line to Con J. Franke’s Stockton office and a 100 Mbps Comcast Business Ethernet Private Line (EPL) connecting the office directly to its hosted environment in Point 1 IT’s Fremont data center. The company also installed a Comcast Business Internet connection for redundancy and to improve guest WiFi.

Moving to Comcast Business has enabled Con J. Franke’s mobile employees to access their network from any location. Project managers can now seamlessly connect to and utilize their virtual desktops from the field, which facilitates fast delivery of client service reports, expedited resolution of client questions and issues and an overall enhanced client experience.

Con J. Franke’s productivity has also improved. Previously, employees struggled to connect to the VPN, which prevented effective information sharing and created employee and customer frustration. With Comcast Business, project managers can provide timely information and service to their clients on-site. When in the office, employees enjoy an improved user experience thanks to the direct EDI line, and the entire team also benefits from the EPL connection, which enables secure access on a standardized network. Finally, Comcast Business Internet delivers redundancy for peace of mind and an improved guest WiFi experience for clients visiting the Stockton office.

“The superior Internet service delivered by Comcast Business is what enables us to provide a functional virtualized network and a positive user experience for Con J. Franke,” said Shane Stoltenberg, director, Point 1 IT. “Without reliable connectivity, a virtually hosted network would be a non-starter. Con J. Franke would be tethered to a local network and its employees and clients would miss out on the myriad benefits that mobility brings.”

Con J. Franke also upgraded its voice services to Comcast Business VoiceEdge™, a cloud-based voice and unified communications system, to improve communication between employees and clients.

“With Comcast Business our employees now have the dependable connectivity they need to deliver results on-site, and the hours they once spent in transit can be devoted to improving service and expanding our business,” continued Frain. “Comcast Business has truly helped us elevate our services and drive growth.”

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