ImagineDesign Enjoys Service Reliability and Cost Savings with Comcast Business Services


    • National integrated marketing firm
    • Diverse service offerings include graphic and Web design, TV production and social media
    • Growing business and distributed workforce

    • Improve network  reliability and performance
    • Reduce operating expenses

    • Comcast Business Internet
    • Comcast Business VoiceEdge
    • Comcast Business TV

    • Reliable phone service
    • Faster connectivity for time-sensitive communications
    • Annual savings
    National Integrated Marketing Firm Requires Reliable Communications Service

    Virginia-based ImagineDesign is a national marketing firm that offers a range of integrated marketing services, including graphic and Web design, TV commercial storyboarding, production and media placement, search engine optimization and social media.

    The firm’s customers span a range of industries, including commercial construction, real estate, healthcare, legal, nonprofit, and technology industries, and are serviced from the firm’s main headquarters as well as multiple satellite offices. With a growing, nationwide client base and a distributed workforce, fast and reliable voice and data services are critical for team collaboration, transferring bandwidth-intensive creative files, and on-going client communications.

    Service Uptime and Speed Essential for Business Operations

    Though ImagineDesign is a national marketing firm, it is still a small business at heart. Its staff must work at an ultra-fast pace to service its large – and growing – client base with comprehensive integrated marketing solutions. Reliable, high-speed Internet and phone service are critical to conduct day-to-day business such as strategic planning, content creation and production and client communication.  However, connectivity issues, such as slow and spotty Internet and dropped phone calls, were getting in the way. The company had relied on business services from other providers and even a virtual PBX phone service that was delivering calls to the wrong location, and employees were growing frustrated.  

    “I can’t tell you how many phone systems we have tried over the past four years – each one was screwy. Calls would drop and incoming calls would get sent straight to voicemail. It got to the point where we thought our phone number was haunted!” said Patrick King, founder and CEO of ImagineDesign.

    Comcast Delivers Reliable Communications Services and Cost Savings in One Bundled Solution

    With new marketing vehicles, such as social media and online video emerging, ImagineDesign has expanded its service portfolio over the years to adapt to client needs. However, it was clear that its existing T1-based network infrastructure couldn’t deliver Internet services at the scale and speed required to accommodate current and future growth. The company met with a local Comcast representative, and decided to adopt Comcast Premium Internet Services. With a new 27Mbps/7Mbps connection, employees immediately saw improvement in upload and delivery times of email, rich media, and video files, as well as faster Web responsiveness. They were also equipped to take advantage of additional features, such as Norton™ Business Suite Antivirus software, Microsoft® Outlook business email boxes and Windows SharePoint collaboration system.

    ImagineDesign later added Comcast Business TV to give its employees access to news and entertainment during break-time and provide ambiance for visiting clients. In early 2012, the company also added Comcast Business VoiceEdge™ for cloud-based voice and Unified Communications (UC) services. The service is managed over Comcast’s network, so ImagineDesign didn’t need to install a central phone switch. And the cloud-based phone service comes with productivity-enhancing UC features that let employees send and receive work calls to their mobile phones when travelling so they don’t miss calls from clients. With Comcast providing a voice, video and data services bundle, ImagineDesign’s bottom line also benefitted from discounted bundled pricing.

    “Since we added Comcast voice services in early 2012, we’ve had no problems with our phone service – and this is the first time we’ve seen this sort of reliability since I opened for business in 2004.  Aside from the fact that everything works, my accountant is also very happy because having a bundled solution makes billing much simpler, and we’re saving every month,” said King. 

    Thanks to Comcast, ImagineDesign now has a world-class communications infrastructure to support its employees and clients wherever they are located. Additionally, the company is enjoying the benefits of a world-class customer service team.

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