Comcast Business Services Help Sarris Candies Keep its Daily Service Promise Even Through Disaster

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Canonsburg, Pennsylvania headquarters and plant
Started in the founder’s home; a local institution for over fifty years
Over $100 million annual sales to 2,500 retailers, fundraising groups and corporate customers

Act as a large business while remaining a small-town favorite
Help keep a cherished Pennsylvania confectioner up and running through a disaster

Comcast Ethernet Dedicated Internet

Large business service quality for a small business
Minimize loss of connectivity
Customer service maintained

Fire at Sarris Candies Doesn’t Cut Comcast Connectivity
Generally, the scents from Sarris Candies are of sweet cocoa, butter, and caramel. Early one recent morning, the only smell coming from its two-acre Canonsburg, Pennsylvania headquarters and plant was smoke. With Valentine’s Day and Easter coming, and thousands of retail and corporate accounts to fulfill – not to mention satisfying the visitors to the company’s landmark store and plant – the prospect of downtime was disastrous. With people to serve, Sarris Candies delivery operations and customer support couldn’t be interrupted.

Downtime from the fire? Thankfully, just two days. Downtime on its Internet connectivity with Comcast Ethernet Dedicated Internet? None at all.

Comcast Ethernet Dedicated Internet Keeps Sarris In Touch
Norm Candelore, IT Manager & Internet Administrator at Sarris Candies, recalls Sarris’ move to Comcast Business Services. Their prior service provider installed T1 lines, but Sarris’ needs quickly exceeded the capacity of the legacy connections. “Comcast built special cabling and dedicated lines for us, one to our factory and one our warehouse,” Norm says. “With Ethernet Dedicated Internet we got 10 Gbps scalable up to 32 Gbps, supporting email blasts and promotions to over 150,000 customers, plus all our transactions and tracking, customer correspondence and ordering.”

When the fire occurred, fifty thousand pounds of chocolate were lost; a third of Sarris’ production was knocked out and some special equipment was beyond recovery. Fortunately, the company’s warehouse is separate from the plant, and Internet connectivity to both buildings was unaffected. Even as local firefighters fought the blaze, Sarris’ orders were filled, and all deliveries moved on schedule. “We have Ethernet Dedicated Internet in our warehouse, and we had inventory ready to go,” Norm says, “so we just moved the operation there on laptops. We had smoke coming out the windows of the factory, but our trucks were rolling.”

That kind of commitment has earned Sarris loyalty from three generations of customers. “This community is as important to us as we are to them,” Norm says. “We’re competing with national brands, but we lead in our market because people know our name and love the candies. Comcast Internet service helps support our business, including almost 50,000 Internet orders every year, so even if people can’t visit the store, they can get the Sarris treats they want. Comcast is part of every transaction we make. There’s nothing we do here where Comcast isn’t involved. Our Comcast representative stops by regularly to see how we’re doing, and our service has been great – even through the fire.”

Comcast Helps Sarris Candies Keep its Promises

Large business marketing for a small business
Comcast Ethernet Dedicated Internet lets Sarris take a large-business presence on the Web, with a handsome Web site, instant order processing and the kind of Internet-based marketing and targeted email blasts that used to be exclusively for larger companies. Sarris can sell to all its lines of business and fulfill without latency or interruptions, all from its headquarters.

No loss of connectivity
The fire damage affected Sarris Candies’ operations for two days, and throughout the disaster, Comcast’s connections supported both the factory and the warehouse. Sarris could fulfill its orders and repay its customers’ long-time loyalty – “We never missed a beat,” says Norm.

Customer service maintained
Sarris supplies over 800 customer accounts, institutions and groups for fundraising; over 1,800 corporate accounts all over the United States, and makes a specialty of weddings and events, so timing is everything even through disasters.“There’s a high level of customer service we have to uphold,” Norm says, “and Comcast supports that service. We’re very satisfied. Our Comcast account executive is super. He mentored us and walked his talk, and now we’re switching the phone systems over to Comcast.”

“There’s a high level of customer service we have to uphold, and Comcast Business Services supports that service.”

Norm Candelore 
IT Manager and Internet Administrator 
Sarris Candies

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