Dedicated Point-To-Point Connection Protects Web Site Data

Protect vital company information through improved network capabilities.


  • Vehix ( delivers a one-stop automotive experience
  • Millions of car listings on at any given time
  • 40 technologists on staff to support Vehix’s multiple platforms
  • Move to a new HQ location presented opportunity to improve communications capabilities, speed and service
  • Advanced solution required to support critical functions

  • Vehix needed to drastically improve network and communications capabilities to protect data on Relocation of the company’s headquarters afforded an opportunity to start fresh with a provider that could deliver a robust solution within an aggressive timeframe.

  • Comcast Business Ethernet Private Line Service

  • Data transfer speed improves by 75 percent
  • Increased bandwidth boosts efficiency of traffic
  • Reliable, dedicated connection improves productivity
  • Aggressive installation deadline met successfully
The Business Challenge:
Many businesses are founded on technology and perform day-to-day operations using that same technology. Therefore, it is paramount they have a high-capacity, high-speed telecommunications infrastructure so staff can perform to the best of their abilities.

In the case of Vehix, a company that offers a one-stop car shopping experience with millions of automobile listings on, nearly half the staff is made up of technologists who are committed to keeping the company’s web site as the premier destination for car purchases.

That goal, coupled with the company’s plan to relocate, presented an opportunity for Vehix to upgrade its communications capabilities. The previous network provider’s solution was inadequate for handling the huge volumes of data required to support the millions of listings on the web site. Not only did the slow connection impede communications with the company’s data center, but information uploads often disconnected midstream due to insufficient bandwidth. Inefficiency, slow speeds, and lost productivity resulted in operational issues.

A new provider needed to compete on network capabilities, speed, and price. In addition to expanding Vehix’s communications infrastructure, the new provider had to connect the company with its data center where the information is securely housed. To ensure that the Vehix team was connected upon the opening of its new office, the provider had to deliver a fully functional solution within eight weeks.

The Comcast Business Solution:
Comcast was the only provider to meet all of the company’s criteria: speed, reliability, dedicated connection, support, price, and timeframe.

Vehix deployed Comcast’s Business Ethernet Private Line solution—a dedicated 100 Mbps point-to-point connection. Comcast Business Ethernet Private Line transfers data safely and securely over Comcast’s private network, where the customer’s data is masked with a unique customer ID. It also connects a customer’s network system or a remote site without the need to purchase or configure any protocol conversation equipment.

“Simply stated, Comcast’s point-to-point functionality has just been incredible,” said Derek Mattsson, CEO of Vehix.

The Results:
Data transfer speed improves by 75 percent
Vehix noted that within days of implementing the Comcast high-speed, enhanced fiber-optic connection, data transfer speed improved by 75 percent. With the previous solution, large files sent point-to-point took more than eight hours. With Comcast’s 100 Mbps dedicated service, the same transfer took only two hours.

Increased bandwidth boosts efficiency of company traffic
With a dedicated line, Vehix isn’t encumbered by traffic generated by other providers. It has the bandwidth it needs when it needs it. Before, a large file would require nearly 50 percent of the available bandwidth. With the Comcast Business Ethernet Private Line solution, network capability and utilization reports reveal 98 percent utilization of available ports, thereby improving the efficiency of company traffic.

Reliable, dedicated connection improves productivity
Reliability has also dramatically improved with the Comcast solution. A Vehix quality assurance director noted a significant improvement in network capabilities. To perform his duties, he initiates up to 20 sessions at a time. When the previous solution stalled, all connections were lost, resulting in considerable downtime and more time required to reinitiate those sessions. Comcast’s reliable, dedicated connection has greatly reduced this frustration and has boosted productivity.

Aggressive installation deadline met successfully
Vehix put Comcast to the test during its corporate headquarters relocation. The company needed to be fully operational and online within eight weeks of executing its service contract with Comcast. In addition to conducting a full site walkout, Comcast installed 500 feet of fiber to the 10th floor of Vehix’s new location.

Equally vital, Vehix required Comcast to connect its point-to-point connection to its data center where all data for is stored and protected. “Comcast did all the heavy lifting and coordinated activities with our data center to ensure a smooth and seamless cutover,” Mattsson said. “In our experience, most people say ‘that’s not my responsibility.’ Not Comcast. They are technical experts who are committed to ensuring complete satisfaction. It was a relief to know that we could rely on Comcast during our relocation. We had a clean, professional installation within a tight timeframe. Comcast nailed it.”

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