Growing Design Firm Achieves Substantial Savings With Comcast Solutions

A cost-effective communications solution that includes robust and flexible voice service and faster Internet.

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Kotis Design traces its roots to the University of Washington campus where it began selling custom apparel to sororities and fraternities in 2001. Based in Seattle, the design firm has become one of the fastest growing branded merchandise company in the state, creating promotional products and branded apparel in the corporate world and expanding its collegiate presence to more than 400 universities nationwide.

Find a cost-effective communications solution that includes a robust and flexible voice service and faster Internet access.

Solution Requirements
  • Provide flexibility for business growth: Kotis Design is a small business but has big growth plans; therefore, it needs a voice service that will grow with it.
  • Decrease communications costs: The solution must be cost-effective and include a predictable monthly price.
  • Increase Internet access speed: Kotis Design is a Web-based company, so the new solution must enable employees to respond quickly to customers and suppliers.
  • Comcast Business Trunks-PRI Service
  • Comcast Business Internet Service
  • Scalable voice service with fractional PRI option provides flexibility for a growing business
  • Communications costs decreased significantly
  • Internet download speed up to 64 times faster

The Business Challenge
Kotis Design is on its way to becoming the nation’s leading design firm for promotional products and branded apparel. Employees at this small business focus on innovation, creativity, and technology to provide quality merchandise – with cost efficiency top of mind.

Before Kotis Design implemented Comcast solutions for voice communications and Internet access, it worked with separate vendors for each service, resulting in bills that fluctuated in price each month.

“Our first conversation with Comcast was about improving our Internet access because we weren’t getting the speed we needed with our previous provider,” said Daniel Becker, Vice President of Technology for Kotis Design. “Then we learned we could bundle it with their voice service, save thousands a year, and get download speeds that are up to 64 times faster.”

The Comcast Business Solution
Kotis Design relies on two Comcast solutions to power day-to-day operations.

Comcast Business Trunks-PRI Service provides the flexibility needed by a rapidly growing business like Kotis Design. For example, the PRI trunk service connects to the company’s existing PBX equipment, usually requiring no equipment upgrades and additional outlay of capital. In addition, Kotis Design can buy the exact amount of voice channels it needs now, with room to grow in the future. Comcast Business Trunks-PRI Service also provides a direct inward dial number for each employee. “That means we don’t need a receptionist to route our calls,” Becker explained. “If you’re a customer or supplier, you go directly to the Kotis Design employee you need to reach. Speed is very important to us, especially when it translates into superior customer service.”

Switching to Comcast Business Trunks-PRI Service was an easy decision for Becker. “And so was switching to Comcast Business Internet because of the bundling benefits,” he said. “Now I only have to deal with one provider each month, and the Comcast Business Trunks bill is predictable unlike our previous bills.”

Kotis Design also uses Comcast Business Internet Service so employees can respond quickly to the needs of customers, as well as communicate reliably with suppliers. “We pay less for Comcast Business Internet Service than we paid with our prior provider, yet our Internet access is so much faster than before,” Becker explained. “Since we are a Web-based company, speed is everything to us. We went from 1.5 Mbps to 100 Mbps, yet we’re saving money each month.”

“As a small business, we look for the best, yet most cost-effective solutions available. Now that we bundle Comcast Business Internet with Comcast Business Trunks, we save thousands each year, and our Internet download speed is up to 64 times faster, which helps improves productivity.”

Daniel Becker
Vice President, Technology
Kotis Design

The Results
Scalable voice service with fractional PRI option provides flexibility for a growing business.
Kotis Design purchased the exact number of channels it needed with Comcast Business Trunks-PRI Service but can add more in the future. In addition, employees have direct dial numbers so customers and suppliers can reach them immediately, without having to go through a receptionist.

Communications costs decrease significantly
In addition to substantial savings each year in communication costs, Kotis Design works with one service provider. “We no longer deal with unpredictable bills from two different providers,” Becker explained. “And saving thousands each year means a lot to a small business.”

Internet access speed is 64 times faster
Kotis Design spends much less for Comcast Business Internet Service, when compared to its previous provider, yet Internet download speed is up to 64 times faster. “We need instantaneous access to the Internet,” Becker said. “Our designers transfer source files back and forth, and they can be 50MB each. Switching to Comcast saves us up to five minutes per transfer. Over a year’s time, that’s a huge increase in productivity.”

Download this article as a PDF >

Compares Comcast Business 100 Mbps to standard 1.5 DSL and T-1 (downloads only). Actual speeds vary and are not guaranteed. © Comcast 2011. All rights reserved.

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