Lake Union Sea Ray Improves Customer Service and Operations with Comcast Business

Multi-Location Seattle Boat Dealer Upgrades its Voice System and Standardizes on Ethernet


  • Leading independent marine dealer
  • 3 locations
  • New and used boat sales
  • On-site and mobile boat service and repairs


  • Costly and slow T1 lines
  • Frustrated employees couldn’t effectively service customers
  • Antiquated voice system

  • Comcast Business Ethernet Dedicated Internet
  • Comcast Business PRI Trunks

  • Robust Internet connection
  • Modern voice system
  • Cost savings
  • One vendor to manage
  • Improved customer service
Leading Marine Dealer Services Puget Sound Boaters

Headquartered in Seattle, Lake Union Sea Ray is one of the largest independent marine dealers and service providers in the world. Founded in 1986, this family-owned business has three locations – serving customers throughout western Washington State. The organization sells and services a range of popular boat brands. The company’s three locations include showrooms displaying boats, both on land and on water, full service departments and parts and accessories departments. 

Day-to-day Operations Require Robust Internet and Voice Connections

Lake Union Sea Ray sells everything from 10 foot tenders to 51-foot yachts filled with high-end technology and amenities. To differentiate itself, Lake Union Sea Ray also provides mobile service where a technician will come to a boat to diagnose and fix an issue.

For years, Lake Union Sea Ray depended on legacy T1 lines that provided 1.5 Megabits per second (Mbps) service to connect its various stores to the Internet. However, the T1 lines couldn’t handle the network load as the company’s internal and external communication has become increasingly digital. Employees complained about the slow network because they couldn’t effectively service their customers.

In addition, Lake Union Sea Ray’s voice system was antiquated. If a mechanic was at a customer site and needed to call a specific associate at the company service center or showroom, he or she would have to go through the front desk first to get transferred to the correct person instead of dialing them directly. Customers calling into the shop had a similar experience, which meant it took longer to resolve a customer’s issue or respond to their inquiries.

Finally, Lake Union Sea Ray was using multiple providers for its Internet and voice services so when there were issues, it wasn’t clear whom to call, which was extremely frustrating.

Company Improves its Accessibility with Comcast Business Ethernet and Voice Services

As part of Comcast Business’s ever-growing footprint, the company expanded its Ethernet services throughout the greater Seattle region, which presented Lake Union Sea Ray with the opportunity it had been waiting for.

“A decade ago, T1 lines were the go-to solution, but they were expensive and didn’t give us the bandwidth we needed. When Comcast Business invested in building out the fiber infrastructure in our area, we welcomed the opportunity to upgrade to Ethernet services,” said Andy Majewski, Controller, Lake Union Sea Ray.

Comcast Business installed Ethernet Dedicated Internet services in each of the Lake Union Sea Ray locations at speeds up to 50 Mbps. With new high-performance Internet, Lake Union Sea Ray has eliminated lag times, improved efficiency, and helped its employees to provide better customer service.

Comcast Business also installed PRI Trunks at the company’s Seattle headquarters, giving Lake Union Sea Ray a reliable voice system with enterprise-class features to serve all of its locations. Now, callers can reach parties directly through individual extensions, instead of having to go through the front desk. And this flexible, easy-to-use and affordable solution seamlessly integrated with Lake Union Sea Ray’s existing voice equipment and allowed the company to minimize costs.

Further, the company now has one provider to manage and one bill for all of its data and voice services. Since switching over to Comcast Business not only did Lake Union Sea Ray become dramatically more efficient, it now has the ability to better serve its customers.

“It’s very challenging to keep all our customers’ boats running and happy. We have ultimately saved money and increased our bandwidth by using Comcast Business. Everything runs faster now and our customers are very happy,” added Majewski.

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