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Technology That Keeps Up with Advances in Education.

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Located in Maryland, the Community College of Baltimore County (CCBC) offers hundreds of programs and thousands of courses to more than 70,000 students of all ages. CCBC has three main campuses, three satellite campuses, and distance-learning programs for students who can’t commute to one of the campuses.

Implement a scalable network solution that will accommodate multiple campuses, distance learning, and cloud computing.

Solution Requirements

High availability: The campus operates 24/7 and requires a secure and reliable network with high availability.
Scalability: The solution must easily accommodate additional sites and provide the bandwidth necessary for streaming video and distance learning now and cloud computing later.
Quality of Service: The network must support the ability to create and manage virtual local area networks “on the fly” to prioritize the routing of traffic.


Comcast Business Ethernet Network Service
Comcast Business Ethernet Dedicated Internet


Reliable Network Ensures High Availability
Quality of Service Enhancements “On the Fly”
Scalable Bandwidth for Future Educational Endeavors

The Business Challenge:
The Community College of Baltimore County (CCBC) offers degree programs, business training, online learning, and continuing education to more than 70,000 students. CCBC operates 24/7 and exchanges an extraordinary amount of data.

Today, communication, data transfer, and Internet access are fast and easy with Comcast solutions. However, there was a time when CCBC relied on T1 lines (and later a Transport Layer Security protocol) for data transmission. Unfortunately, those point-to-point connections were slow, cumbersome, inflexible, and not easily scalable.

“It became clear that CCBC was ready for any-to-any connectivity,” said Benjamin N. Thompson, Manager of Network Engineering and Information Security at CCBC. “We needed a secure, scalable metro Ethernet connection for multiple locations and increasing data traffic.”

The Comcast Business Solutions:
Now CCBC relies on the Comcast Business Ethernet Network Service to transfer data among sites, as well as voice and video. “Any site can send traffic to any other site within the network through a single Ethernet interface,” Thompson explained. “And, we can manage and change VLANs (virtual local area networks) ‘on the fly’ to control routing. That means we have QoS (quality of service) on the fly. Setting up a new site used to take days with T1s and TLS, but now the process is quick and easy with Comcast.”

As CCBC professors add more streaming video and multimedia applications to their curriculum, Thompson will continue to maintain QoS. “I just bump up the bandwidth as needed. I have complete control over this network, thanks to Comcast.”

CCBC also relies on the Comcast Business Ethernet Dedicated Internet Service. “While this includes Internet access for staff and students, it also includes online distance learning, which is growing rapidly,” Thompson continued. “Therefore, scalability is extremely important to us. Again, all I have to do is bump up the bandwidth, and we’re good to go. Increased bandwidth will be particularly helpful in the future when we engage in cloud computing.”

“Our college operates 24/7, and our reputation is on the line if the network isn’t up and running. With Comcast, I have complete control over the network and connectivity to the Internet.”
- Benjamin N. Thompson
Manager of Network Engineering and Information Security
The Community College of Baltimore County

Download this article as a PDF >

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