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  •     Five9 ( is a leading provider of call center software for telemarketing, customer service and business continuity
  •     Offers award-winning Virtual Call Center and Predictive Dialer services
  •     Tens of thousands of agents across five continents Supports more than 80 million calls per month
  •     Supports more than 80 million calls per month

  •     Create a vital link between headquarters and a main office via a high-speed, high-capacity, enhanced fiber optic connection that also provides network redundancy.

  •     Comcast Business Ethernet Private Line solution

  •     New primary high-capacity connection to connect the headquarters site with satellite office
  •     Secure and diverse connection creating redundancy to ensure fast and always-on service to support critical intra- company communications
  •     Reliability, flexibility and cost-effective solution

The Business Challenge:
As a leading global provider of call center software, Five9 needed a communications backbone that could support the volume of critical information it processes on a daily basis. The company serves 80 million calls per month on behalf of its customers. Since its founding in 2001, Five9 has processed more than three billion calls.

As the company has grown, so has its technology needs. To support the tens of thousands of agents at its client companies and to support the needs of its own operations, Five9 sought to augment its network with a secure, high-capacity fiber optic, point-to-point connection.

Five9’s Requirements
  •     Reliability: The new solution must enable effective management of data centers in San Jose and New York that support millions of calls
  •     Security: It must provide secure and continuous uptime, as well as redundancy to support mission-critical communications
  •     Scalability: The new solution must support the growing volume of data and company growth

The Comcast Business Solutions:
Five9 manages its business by best practices. In evaluating technology to support its own business, the company seeks the same focus in service providers. The rigorous evaluation began during the consultation process during [PS1]when five telecommunications providers were evaluated based on quality of solution, affordability and customer service. Comcast Business delivered on all accounts.

“Our positive experience with Comcast began during the sales process when company representatives were highly consultative in creating a solution that zeroed in on our needs,” said Slava Kritov, Vice President of Operations at Five9. “Comcast builds, owns and manages its own network. As a result, we knew Comcast would be able to provide us with a highly-unique solution along with the quality and performance we needed at an affordable price.”

Through the sales process, the Comcast team determined that a Comcast Business Ethernet Private Line would best suit Five9’s bandwidth- intensive requirements. This solution provides a 100 Mbps point-to-point connection at the company’s headquarters to enable it to effectively manage its San Jose and New York data centers. This high-capacity connection will serve as a primary link to support critical managerial and operational tasks shared between locations.

While Comcast’s high-speed connection was a prerequisite for Five9, it was Comcast’s distinct infrastructure that sealed the deal. Comcast’s network is fully independent, taking a different physical route than all other carriers in the marketplace, which gave Five9 confidence to choose Comcast.

“Comcast won our business based on the diversity of its network infrastructure,” added Kritov. “The redundancy we gain from Comcast gives us a high degree of confidence and significant peace of mind.”

The Results:
Secure solution and continuous uptime support mission-critical communications

The Comcast Business Ethernet Private Line solution is highly secure. End-to-end physical layer data segregation ensures that traffic is not switched or routed with other customer data. In addition to a robust architecture, services are backed 24x7 by Comcast’s Network Operations Center to ensure continuous uptime.

Flexible, scalable point-to-point connection sustains and fosters company growth
Five9 officials know that as they grow the business, their Comcast Business Ethernet Private Line solution will grow with them. Not only is it highly flexible and scalable, but additional bandwidth can be allocated quickly when the company needs it.

About Five9
Five9 is the leading global provider of call center software for telemarketing, customer service and business continuity. The award-winning Five9 Virtual Call Center and Predictive Dialer serve customers of all sizes on five continents. Customers profit from Five9’s reliable, robust functionality that is fast and easy to deploy.

As a company committed to innovation, Five9 was the first in the industry to offer a set of APIs in the cloud for call center deployment. Further, the company prides itself on its ability scale up or down to meet its customers’ needs. As customers grow, Five9 grows with them.
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