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  • Independent appliance store in Lewes, Delaware
  • Sells home appliances from 47 of the world’s leading brands
  • Growing business with new retail location and off-site warehouse


  • Uphold commitment to delivering a customer-focused shopping experience
  • Support quick online access to product brochures and documentation
  • Enable fast processing of credit and debit card transactions


  • Comcast Business 50 Mbps Internet
  • Comcast Business PRI Trunks


  • High-speed Internet connection to enable speedy processing of credit and debit card transactions and support business operations
  • Reliable voice for a high-quality customer experience

Independent Appliance Store Makes Mark in Delaware Community with Personalized Customer Service

For more than 40 years, residents of Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, have bought home goods from Millman’s Appliances. After first operating as a catalog center for a major retailer, founders Dick and Shirley Millman took the store private in 1986 and began selling stoves, refrigerators, vacuums, washers and dryers and other home appliances.

The couple sold the business in 2003 to employee Gary Chorman, who pledged to maintain the couple’s commitment to delivering a personalized shopping experience. To Chorman, that means when customers come in the door at Millman’s, the sales team does its best to determine the buyer’s unique needs, and then helps the customer select the most suitable appliances among the 47 brands that the store carries.

“With a small business, you have to focus on maximizing the time and attention you spend with customers, or else you risk losing your business to a big box-store. That’s the difference between shopping at a local business versus a large retailer,” said Gary Chorman, owner of Millman’s Appliances.

Spacious New Store Improves Retailer’s Product Presentation

Millman’s Appliances was originally located in a 2,200-square-foot building in Rehoboth Beach. However, the company recently relocated to a larger facility with 2,700 square-feet of display space in nearby Lewes, Delaware, to support its business growth. Coupled with a 10,000-square-foot, nearby warehouse that also serves as a logistics center, the small business now has ample room to sell and store products and compete with larger retailers.

Not only had Millman’s outgrown its old location but it had also outgrown its previous voice communications provider. Telephone service was often inadequate at its Rehoboth Beach store, particularly during the processing of credit and debit card transactions. Reliable voice service at the new location was thus critical to ensuring high customer satisfaction.

Millman’s also needed fast Internet service at its new location to help ensure that its salespeople had fast access to appliance information and the ability to quickly process manufacturer rebates. Not to mention, high-speed Internet was crucial to processing online sales.

Aside from the new store, the logistics center and warehouse also needed fast Internet service so that employees could stay on top of inventory, sales orders and delivery updates from the store.

If Millman’s wanted to streamline its operations to deliver even more personalized customer service at the new location, the store needed a network service provider that would help bring its business plans to life.

Added Chorman: “We were searching for a complete service that wouldn’t just take care of us but would exceed our expectations. We can’t have employees getting frustrated because they have to spend more time on a computer or on the phone and not have the face time that’s necessary to deliver the best customer experience.”

Comcast Business Helps Millman’s Appliances Deliver a Best-In-Class Customer Experience

After speaking with numerous service providers, Millman’s Appliances selected Comcast Business to deliver high-speed Internet and business voice services to its new store and the warehouse and logistics center.

“Comcast Business was by far the most willing to understand and work with us to reach our business goals. Our employees can now complete sales without delay and, as a result, our customers walk out the door happier because of our faster service,” Chorman said.

Comcast Business installed a 50 Megabit per second (Mbps) Business Internet connection at Millman’s Appliances’ store and warehouse, and a Business PRI Trunk to provide voice services.

The 50 Mbps Internet connection provides the capacity required for the sales staff to handle online transactions with ease and search product information quickly and not keep customers waiting. The high-speed connection also allows staff to download rich content, such as product brochures and related documents from appliance manufacturers, keeping employees up to date on the latest appliance specifications.

Since moving to the new location, credit and debit card transactions are now processed via the Internet and no longer time out. This quick in-store sales processing enables salespeople to stay focused on connecting with customers. And at the warehouse and logistics center, high-speed Internet access keeps employees there on top of sales orders and supports inventory reporting.

Also, Comcast Business PRI Trunks interface with the store’s PBX system to ensure the retail store and warehouse have reliable, high-quality voice service.

“I can say with certainty that we’ve improved our customer service since moving into the new location because product information for our customer is so readily available now. Sales at our new store are up more than 10 percent, and I think that’s in large part because we’re more efficient at handling internal operations. We’re not a frenetic bunch of employees talking to customers while also waiting for our computers to update,” Chorman said.

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