A close-up view of Comcast Business SD-WAN with your business in mind.

A closer look at Comcast Business SD-WAN

Software-defined wide area networking adds a control layer on top of a customer's network infrastructure, enabling them to centralize management of critical network functions, reduce the need for costly equipment, reduce provisioning times and allow for better management of traffic across a network. Comcast Business SD-WAN brings together application-aware routing, secure VPN capabilities, and a stateful firewall in an integrated solution that is easy to operate and maintain. Paired with our emerging D3.1/gigabit broadband service, Comcast offers distributed enterprises a way to make broadband smart by unleashing the power of virtualized networks.

Network optimization for better business results

With SD-WAN, all of your branch and remote sites are connected through a reliable, scalable, and secure network that allows for more flexibility and control. It’s a solution that reduces your hardware dependency while it improves application performance. It reduces manual processes while increasing automation and ease of making changes. SD-WAN enables greater network control and, backed by a superior digital experience, helps businesses better understand what is happening on their network. SD-WAN paves the way for the future, so businesses can start looking forward, making their network work for them and not against them.


Manage traffic by application

With SD-WAN, you get an application-aware solution that provides a new level of intelligence to the network. Something that doesn’t exist with legacy WAN and VPN platforms.

This solution allows administrators to set up dynamic policies that direct traffic over the best path based upon application priority and the status of network connections. The routing of traffic can failover to another link – automatically and dynamically – to meet varying demands on capacity and application performance. With no increase to network operating cost.

The payoff? Your network can support more users with more devices using more business-critical applications across the enterprise.


SD-WAN Strategies for Success An SDX Central Analyst Event

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