PRI Trunks

PRI Trunks: Maximize Your Phone Capabilities & Minimize Costs

If you have an existing PBX and want a cost-effective VoIP solution for your company, you need Comcast PRI Trunks. With Comcast you'll receive reliable communications that can be scaled on a per channel basis. Also, trunk services allow you to leverage over-subscription vs. dedicated lines to take advantage of additional cost savings.

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Why PRI Trunks?
  • Cost Efficient
  • Network Reliability
  • Business Voice Continuity
  • Service Level Agreement
  • Security
  • Scalability
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Trunks + Internet Bundle

2 Great Products, 1 Low Monthly Price

6-channel Trunk
50/10Mbps Internet

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Who Needs PRI Trunks?

If you need a more efficient, smart phone service to meet the growing needs of your business, Comcast Business Trunks is the solution. Our PRI Trunks saves you money by connecting to existing PBX equipment and allows you to maximize your phone capabilities over Comcast's advanced IP network.


How It Works

A trunk is a cost-efficient form of Voice Over IP (VoIP) that leverages a network connection to a Private Branch Exchange (PBX), or digital switch. Each trunk can support up to 184 calls over 23 channels and requires an onsite PBX. Trunking offers additional savings through oversubscription, a concept that operates on a notion that your users will not need the phone at the same time.


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PRI Trunks

Our ISDN-PRI Trunks service lets you leverage your existing on-premise PBX system and maximize your phone service over the reliable Comcast network, so you don’t miss important business calls – even when the power is out.

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