Connectivity and Security Solutions for the Big Moments in Business


In the coming months, businesses and IT leaders have a tremendous opportunity to leverage their recent investments in digital technologies to keep their organizations relevant, productive, competitive, and ready for growth. They need to be ready for every big moment that comes their way—whether they’ve been planning for it for months or need to react to the inevitable curve ball. For business and IT leaders, taking a digital-first approach to being ready for the big moments means having a network with the speed, security, and agility to handle not only spikes in demand, but the innovation that will power their future.



These big moments come in all shapes and sizes—live events in the sports and entertainment market, a seasonal shopping rush for retail, or perhaps hosting a popular business convention. These moments are possible thanks in part to high-bandwidth, low-latency connectivity with security solutions that extend to the network edge. And according to IDC, the future of connectedness is enabling the timely movement of data across people, things, applications, and processes to create a seamless digital experience.

Leveraging these technologies requires high levels of network performance, coupled with reliable and available connectivity. To ensure your organization and employees are ready for their next big moment, you need a high-capacity, flexible and scalable connectivity solution that can rise to your biggest business challenges.




Laying the foundation for DX


Digital business growth is a topline priority for nearly every enterprise and connectivity is the foundational layer that supports it. IT leaders need to deliver reliable connectivity with security solutions across enterprise applications, data and systems if they hope to compete in today’s business environment. In our digitally-driven world, latency or interruption of WiFi service can bring operations to a screeching halt. Even daily routines like hosting a video call while accessing other cloud applications require adequate bandwidth. When businesses face their biggest moments, connectivity demands are concentrated and multiplied.





Network connectivity that scales

No two companies are alike when it comes to connectivity needs. Usage, applications, latency toleration, data streaming and storage, as well as branch location needs differ from organization to organization and even location to location within the same business. Network connectivity needs to be able to easily scale up to support an organization’s specific requirements. For this reason, many IT leaders will include a mix of fiber, wireless, cable, and DSL for optimal broadband. Because of the inherent complexities of managing multiple network connections, IT leaders may consider a managed services provider to help optimize connectivity across the business.




Future-ready connectivity:

ccb_bm_pg6aDedicated Ethernet: provides high-capacity connectivity to the cloud and data centers to run bandwidth-intensive voice, video and data applications that may require a reliable, secure service.

ccb_bm_pg6bAdvanced, high-density Wi-Fi: designed for large deployments to provide pervasive connectivity for events like conferences, sporting events and concerts to deliver superior connectivity in crowded conditions with many end points.

ccb_bm_pg6cPrivate wireless networks: using LTE and 5G, private wireless networks can help enterprises and governments better address their connectivity requirements, while fostering innovation in next-generation customer and employee experiences.




Connectivity and security, better together


Planning ahead, IT decision makers need to re-think their approach to traditional networking and security practices. And as they continue to incorporate AR/VR, real-time video streaming, and AI/ML in many of their processes to enhance the interactive customer experience, it becomes even more crucial to integrate security into networking due to the increased vulnerabilities brought on by the proliferation of end points and data. This growing importance and rapid evolution of networks beyond traditional perimeters are driving IT leaders to recalibrate how best to integrate networks and security.





Ready for the next big moment


Over the past two years, enterprise organizations have completely reimagined their business models and as a result have become much more reliant on a digital-first approach. IoT and big data analytics are providing opportunities for innovation and accelerated DX as never before imagined. Leveraging these technologies requires high levels of network performance, coupled with reliable and available connectivity.

As your business ramps up for its next big moment, Comcast Business can help you be ready with fast, reliable connectivity and advanced networking.

Getting the future-ready connectivity to support business innovation

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