Comcast Business SmartOffice™ Video Monitoring Solution Helps Project Green Light Detroit Improve Public Safety

Urban Public Security Initiative Expands Reach and Results with Comcast Business

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• Public safety initiative for local businesses in Detroit  
• Provides indoor and outdoor surveillance for 24/7 real-time police monitoring 

• High upfront costs were a deterrent for small businesses looking to join the program

• Comcast Business SmartOffice™ Video Monitoring Solution

• Increase in program participation among area businesses  
• Improved service and maintenance for participating locations 

Crime Deterrent Program Designed to Help Protect High-Risk Businesses  

Project Green Light Detroit is a public safety initiative for small businesses in the city of Detroit. Spearheaded by Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan and Detroit Police Chief James Craig, the program outfits participating businesses with indoor and outdoor cameras for 24/7 real-time activity monitoring, with the goal of reducing crime and bringing offenders to justice. When an emergency call is logged, Detroit police officers can easily access a live feed from on-site cameras for a real-time look at the vicinity, which greatly assists in their crime fighting efforts. 

Project Green Light launched in January of 2016 and has focused efforts on businesses most susceptible to theft, including gas stations, party stores and restaurants. 

“The City of Detroit is home to a variety of small businesses, and we are proud to support them however we can,” said Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan. “Safety is a top concern for both city officials and local business owners, and Project Green Light has been a true game-changer in helping to improve security measures across the city. The program has helped produce safer business environments for owners and patrons, and we’re committed to driving its ongoing growth and success.”   

High Buy-In Costs Limit Initiative’s Effectiveness   

When the initiative launched in early 2016, the program garnered initial interest but was limited by implementation challenges. Project Green Light worked with several local vendors to sell and install the surveillance cameras, and the small business owners participating were responsible for choosing a vendor, connecting with them and arranging installation times. The City was limited to providing a “purchase only” option, which meant that business owners were confronted with high upfront costs to purchase the minimum four security cameras required by the program. This initial investment was a roadblock that prevented many interested parties from signing up. 

Comcast Business Drives Project Improvement and Expansion to Help Reduce Crime    

In August 2016, the City of Detroit commissioned Comcast Business, the primary broadband supplier for the area, to help expand Project Green Light and make participation possible for a broader base of small businesses. The provider delivered a customized version of Comcast Business SmartOffice™ Video Monitoring Solution, a real-time monitoring platform designed to help small and medium sized businesses keep an eye on their business. Comcast Business SmartOffice™ monitoring cameras enable business owners to record, store and share footage on a 24/7 basis, and the system’s advanced IP platform includes secure cloud storage and seamless mobile access, so business owners can easily check in on their stores from any location. 

Working closely with the City, Comcast Business tailored the offering to fit Project Green Light’s needs. The provider delivered an equipment leasing option as an alternative to a camera purchasing requirement, an addition that saved participants from having to make a costly upfront investment. To ensure as much coverage as possible, Comcast Business offered indoor and outdoor cameras to reduce blind spots and give police officers a great view of the vicinity. All the cameras provide high resolution monitoring to capture important details like license plates and facial features with great clarity. 

Comcast Business has helped make Project Green Light participation more feasible for many area businesses. In addition to eliminating up-front hardware investments, Comcast Business also offers local business owners professional installation, ongoing equipment support and replacement. The Comcast Business SmartOffice™ Video Monitoring offering is supported by the provider’s extensive, robust IP network, which provides recording, but also the reliable storage of up to 30 days of footage in the cloud.  

When Project Green Light initially launched, participation was limited primarily due to the cost of entry. Since Comcast Business teamed up with the City and introduced the option to lease the cameras in August 2016, the program has grown to more than 160 customers with more than half signing on with Comcast. Most importantly, since the program started, Detroit has seen a 50 percent reduction in crime in Project Green Light locations as well as an improvement in successful post-crime arrests in affected areas. 

“Comcast Business has enabled us to both improve and expand Project Green Light offerings, which has made the initiative more accessible to a growing number of area businesses,” added Mayor Duggan. “By offering an equipment leasing option, as well as improved service and maintenance, Comcast Business has helped us take a successful public safety measure even further and enable a growing base of local business owners to secure their establishments.”    

Comcast Business SmartOffice Licenses: AL: 001785, 001789; AR: 2536; AZ: ROC 307346, BTR 18286-0; CA: CSLB 1028256, ACO 7677; CT: ELC 0189754-C5, ELC0202487-C5; DE: SSPS 13-225; FL: EF0000279; GA: LVU406354; IL: PACA 127-001555; LA: F2257; MD: 107-1937; ME: LM50017039; MI: 3601206519; MN: TS674413; MS: 15030170; NC: 1937-CSA; NJ: Burglar Alarm Business Lic. # 34BF00052000; NM: 379095; NY: licensed by the N.Y.S. Department of State 12000317423; OR: CCB 199939; SC: BAC-13662; TN: ACL 2006, ACL 2002; TX: B18966; UT: 8788186-6501; VA: 2705151177, DCJS 11-15181; VT: ES-02366; WA: COMCABS846NU; WASHINGTON, DC: ECS 904217, BBL 602517000001; WV: WV051524. Valid 10/2/17.

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Download this article as a PDF >

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