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It's the challenge businesses of every size wrestle with. 

How to improve employee productivity while driving down costs. Technology can help achieve that goal – when the right tools are used. But when systems are not intuitive, not integrated with business processes, too costly, and too difficult to maintain, the promised benefits quickly take a back seat to the headaches.

One area where companies are finding this to be the case is with their communications system. On-premises platforms that were state of the art five years ago are showing their age – and for many businesses, all too clearly. But it’s not only reliability issues and the costs of keeping everything humming that are cause for concern. Today’s businesses need to leverage highly mobile workforces and anywhere-anytime communications.

Harnessing the power of the cloud is rapidly gaining traction. Cloud-based unified communications offer all the advantages of hosted solutions: predictable monthly costs, easy scalability, reduced capital expense, and support and upgrades that are provided by the service provider instead of your own. Just as importantly, cloud unified communications offer enhanced features – like voicemail-to-email and click-to-call capabilities within PC applications – that increase the mobility, the availability, and the productivity of employees. The result: more collaboration, more innovation, and a competitive advantage.

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