Comcast Spotlight

Targeted reach for marketers of all sizes

Comcast Spotlight is the advertising sales division of Comcast Cable, helping local, regional and national marketers reach their target customers with multi-screen—television and online—marketing solutions. We have a presence in nearly 80 U.S. markets and reach approximately 35 million households served by Comcast as well as other cable, satellite and telco television service providers. We've created an advertising marketplace where businesses large and small can leverage our capabilities, precisely target advertising based on geographic and demographic data, insightful advertising analytics and innovative integrated promotional opportunities.

Your message, your medium

Comcast Spotlight offers a wide array of advertising options that help businesses of all size navigate the increasingly fragmented media landscape, including:


Harness the power of new cable TV programming and technologies to get specific messaging to desired audiences.

Interactive television (iTV)

Enhance a traditional 30-second spot with an interactive television overlay, engaging viewers by allowing them to request more information or link to a long-form video.

Video on demand (VOD) 

Extend the power of a traditional television commercial by offering long-form, in-depth content about a business or product, available 24x7.


Take advantage of the media multi-tasking trend — using multiple devices simultaneously —with video (pre-roll) and banner advertisements on multiple premium, high-traffic online destinations.


Extend advertisers’ brands through custom events, sweepstakes, and sponsorships to surround target audiences on- and off-screen.