Advanced IP Gateway

We give you the option to attach a separate router or hardware firewall, or to utilize the built-in firewall functionality provided by our Advanced IP Gateway. Furthermore, the Advanced IP Gateway offers you;

Laptop with Norton Shield

Advanced IP Gateway features:

  • Provides on-site firewall protection
  • Supports multiple computers and VPN connections for remote users
  • Stateful packet inspection (SPI)
  • Port forwarding (up to 35 forwards)
  • Port blocking
  • Port triggering (up to 50)
  • Keyword blocking (up to 50)

Use your static IPs to run a server

Configure your static IP to control a server or firewall.

Port forwarding

Port forwarding rules can be set up to allow you to run servers from your private LAN IP subnet. An IP address is assigned to the Comcast IP Gateway, and the static IP address you purchase is available for your use – whether it's for a server, firewall or other device.
If the Comcast IP Gateway is used as a firewall, you'll be able to port forward traffic from the IP Gateway and use your static IP address however you like. These configurations actually allow you to use two static IP addresses while only purchasing one. The same is true if you purchase five static IP addresses. You'll have six static IP addresses available to use.

Network your computers

You can attach your computers to the Advanced IP Gateway using it as your DHCP server. It has 4 available ports and can support up to 256 networked devices, however bandwidth needs could limit the number of simultaneous connections.
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