Audio Conferencing Deserves a Place in Your Business Strategy

Mar 26, 2018, 15:01 PM by Urvi Bhalara
User-first approach to audio conferencing has turned the frustratingly ordinary into something simple and extraordinary.

Have conference calls become the punchline of corporate America? There are likely few among us who haven’t led or participated on a conference call that has led to wasted time and feelings of frustration. 

From problems dialing in and poor voice quality, to dropped calls and never being quite sure who is on the line, the process of starting, moderating and participating in a conference call can be both time-stealing and soul-crushing. Most of us simply accept this as “just the way it is.” But it doesn’t have to be.

At Comcast Business, we’ve taken a user-first approach to audio conferencing and have turned the frustratingly ordinary into something simple and extraordinary. With free Audio Conferencing for VoiceEdge, we’ve solved the biggest annoyances faced by conference call hosts and participants.

“I fat fingered the conference number…hold on! Do I have the right access code? How am I supposed to enter 16 digits while driving down the highway?” Wouldn’t it be easier if one click from your desktop or mobile device was all you needed to start or participate in a conference call?

“Is Kathy on the call? Who just joined? Bob, are you still there?” As a moderator, don’t you wish you knew exactly who was on the call at all times?

“What is that noise?” Whether it’s a bad connection or Ted eating his carrot sticks, background noise is a distraction nobody needs.

Some people may think the world doesn’t need another audio conferencing service. However, by applying user-driven insights to innovation, Comcast Business has solved some of our biggest conferencing aggravations. Turns out the world does need a new audio conferencing service!

Audio Conferencing is a free service included with your VoiceEdge Unified Communications seat. To learn more about VoiceEdge and all it has to offer, please visit

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