Bringing TV to Any Device. How Streaming Benefits Your Business.

Jul 23, 2018, 10:10 AM by Urvi Bhalara
Offering live TV streaming on computers and mobile devices is a great idea for every business – and fits perfectly in lobbies, waiting rooms and break rooms.

We live in a world with a 24/7 news and entertainment cycle, which creates demand for up-to-the-second information for just about everyone – employees, customers and guests.  They need to be ‘in the know,’ putting pressure on business owners to provide a way for everyone in their business to get the news and information they need, while controlling access and making sure TV never gets in the way of business operations.

One of the best ways to keep customers and employees connected is through live TV. And adding a streaming capability makes that even better in our on-demand society. Customers and employees all have different demands that one TV may not meet…and streaming live TV coverage on any device can keep them connected to the community and the national events that impact day-to-day business and life. 

Offering live TV streaming on computers and mobile devices is a great idea for every business – and fits perfectly in lobbies, waiting rooms and break rooms. Here’s how some business types leverage streaming for their customers and employees.


In order to drive customer loyalty, salons must offer the highest quality service in comparison to their competitors.  Salon patrons spend a lot of time waiting, not just in the waiting room, but also in their chair as they get their hair colored, cut, dried, etc. – so being able to provide each customer with a tablet or handheld device to stream their choice of TV can make their time more enjoyable, and ultimately have them returning for appointments in the future.

Law Firms

Law firms can stay on top of breaking local and national news that can affect their firm, their clients or their business. And, in a highly competitive field, law firms need to go the extra mile to stand out to their clients.  Providing them with TV programming they desire is a proven way to keep them entertained and informed and enhance the quality of time spent in the office. Streaming TV also keeps their employees engaged and informed during long hours of work.

Medical Offices

A great way to create an inviting atmosphere and reduce wait-time frustrations for patients is by streaming compelling content. For instance, waiting in a dentist or doctor’s office is often an anxiety-prone time for visitors, so providing the right programming to the device in their hands can change their experience, and keep them coming back. Kids can often be difficult during their annual doctor visits.  By offering the latest entertainment channels the wait will be much less pain staking – for the kids, their parents, and the other guests.

Auto Shops

With streaming, auto shops can give customers the entertainment they crave and the exceptional experience they deserve while waiting for their vehicles, while also allowing employees to stay on top of breaking local news. And with the right selection of channels, customers can watch tailored content specific about the automotive industry.

It’s clear that no matter the industry, streaming and TV are critical to all businesses.  With Comcast Business Private View TV that now includes Xfinity Stream you can bring live TV to any device – mobile, tablet, or computer while at your business, making it easier than ever to stay up-to-date with the latest in live news and entertainment without the hassle and cost of setting up additional TVs.

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