Closed for Business? Not with the Right Continuity Plan

Mar 2, 2020, 00:00 AM by Chris Banks
Unless, you plan ahead, unforeseen circumstances can shut down your internet, your ability to connect and communicate, and your business.

Storms. Fires. Floods. Power outages.

A number of natural and man-made events can affect your ability to keep the lights on and systems running. Internet connectivity in particular is one of the most critical systems needed to maintain business operations and provide good customer experiences. From a hack, to an innocent snip of the wrong line by a utility contractor, to an old-fashioned equipment failure, unforeseen circumstances could knock out your Internet, your ability to connect and communicate, and your business.

Unless, that is, you’ve planned ahead.

Diverting Downtime Disaster

As a society, we’ve become accustomed to the Internet always being on. Disruptions are frustrating to customers and can cost businesses in terms of reduced productivity, bruised reputations, and lost revenue. Unfortunately, Internet outages can happen when least expected.

How would losing your internet connection affect the customer experiences your business strives to provide?

  • Would you be able to check out the customer in front of you with an armful of merchandise or after they’ve eaten?

  • Could you access a patient’s medical records during a check-up or procedure?

  • Would you be able to order just-in-time inventory, or submit a payment to a vendor?

  • Could your staff complete an online customer presentation or submit regulatory compliance paperwork?

  • Would you be able to update and reassure customers via social media channels?

  • Would you have to send staff home for the day?

  • Are you ready to say goodbye to a customer for good?

  • How would your business recover?

Luckily, there are lots of safeguards for small businesses to protect against disaster. Back-up generators can provide power in the event of an electricity outage. Cloud data storage reduces reliance on local servers that could go down when the power’s out or systems are offline. Mobile phones let you stay in touch if landlines are down. And automatic 4G LTE backup keeps Internet-connected systems online when wired or WiFi connectivity drops off.

Ensure Peace of Mind With Internet That Stays on When the Power Is Out

With automatic 4G LTE backup, you can keep essential business functions going. To be sure you’re getting service you can trust to protect your business, ask the following questions of your internet service provider (ISP):

  • Do you provide wireless internet connectivity backup?

  • What type of wireless network does it run on? Is a backup wireless network available?

  • Does backup kick in automatically?

  • Does the service include battery backup? If yes, for how long?

  • Is surge protection included for when the power comes back on?

  • Can we monitor our service status through an online portal?

If you’re ready to be proactive about your business continuity plan and invest in the complete reliability of an automatic internet backup connection, see how Comcast Business Connection Pro can help.

If you think you’re experiencing a Comcast Business service interruption, sign in to the Service Status Center to check your connection status, get troubleshooting tips, and learn how to keep your business connected during an outage.

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